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Sweater Care: 3 Ways to Deal with Dirty Sweaters and Casual Shirts


Going about sweater care and casual shirt care the right way is easy. These garments typically don’t need to be dry-cleaned or ironed.

However, if you want your wardrobe to last, you need to know a few things about washing sweaters and shirts.

Casual Shirt Care

Wash cotton or cotton-blend casual shirts blend the same way you wash your underwear. A simple warm wash setting is all it takes.

Regarding the detergent, use regular detergent for coloured casual shirts. Use detergent for whites and oxygen bleach for white casual shirts. Either way, skip the fabric softener.

Underwear Care white and dark detergent

Try to avoid tumble-drying if you can, since this causes premature wear and, in most cases, shrinkage. Rack-drying is always a gentler way of drying your casual shirts.

Underwear Care stretching clothes

Cotton Sweater Care

Sweaters may require a different approach to washing, depending on what fibres they contain.

If your sweater is made of cotton, such as a hoodie, then simply wash it as you would any other coloured or white casual shirt. Be sure to fasten buttons and zippers before you proceed.

Underwear Care separate colours

Wool and Cashmere Sweater Care

Wool and cashmere garments need a bit more attention. First, check the care label.

Machine Wash

Casual Shirts and Sweaters - Sweater Care.001

If the item can be machine-washed, wash it on a gentle Wool setting. Be sure to use a special detergent for wool; otherwise, you’ll ruin your sweater.

Casual Shirts and Sweaters - Sweater Care.002

Hand Wash

If the care label dictates that your sweater must be hand-washed, simply fill a tub with room-temperature water and wool detergent.

Casual Shirts and Sweaters - Sweater Care.003

Then add the sweater and gently knead it in the soapy water for about five minutes.

Casual Shirts and Sweaters - Sweater Care.004

Next, rinse the sweater by kneading it gently in clean, room-temperature water. If necessary, repeat the rinsing process with fresh water until the water is clear.

Casual Shirts and Sweaters - Sweater Care.005

When it’s time to dry your wool or cashmere sweater, gently press out excess water before patting it dry with a towel. Then stretch it to its original shape, give it a quick shake, and lay it flat on a towel. Place the towel and sweater on a mesh sweater-drying rack.

Casual Shirts and Sweaters - Sweater Care.006

Final Tips

Before we end this lesson, I want to add that a clothing care label that calls for hand-washing isn’t an indicator of quality.

I’ve owned many sweaters over the years. Some needed to be hand-washed, while others could be machine-washed.

I could never find a significant difference in quality between the two. Consequently, I no longer buy items that need to be hand-washed. It only means extra work on laundry day.

As you can see, reading the care label and checking that the garment can be machine-washed before you purchase it can save you a lot of time and frustration.

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