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10 Shoes to Wear With Jeans: The Complete Guide


How do you know what shoes to wear with jeans?

Knowing this will not just make you look good. It will make you look really good.

The thing is:

Wearing jeans is nice. Wearing your favourite shoes is great. Wearing both at the same time is awesome.

Does this sound like something for you?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, I’ll show you the 10 dress and casual men’s shoes …

… that happen to be the perfect shoes to wear with jeans. Let’s jump straight in.

The 10 Shoes to Wear With Jeans

First of all, let me tell you the most important thing about jeans:

Darker jeans have a much dressier look than lighter jeans. This, combined with the casual nature of denim, means that you can wear dark jeans with almost any type of shoes.

There are a couple of shoes that will look too dressy. Don’t despair; I’ll get to those shoes in a bit.

But first:

Here are the 10 shoes to wear with jeans in dark washes.

#1. Sneakers

Sneakers with jeans is a proven casual look. Just to make it clear, we’re not talking about technical sneakers, such as the signature sneakers of LeBron James …

… or the latest running shoes from Salomon (more on that in a bit).

Good sneakers to wear with jeans should be classics.

Like Chuck Taylors from Converse and the Authentic model from Vans. In other words, lace-up canvas sneakers with a low top.

sneakers with jeans black converse low top

To wear these men’s shoes with jeans successfully, the occasion needs to be somewhat casual.

If you have a dress code at work, casual Fridays would be the only time to wear these to the office. Otherwise, sneakers and jeans are perfect for:

  • Weekends
  • Bar-hopping
  • Dates
  • Eating out
  • Everyday activities

To really nail it when wearing sneakers with jeans, make sure you match the colour of your socks with that of your pants (no white tennis socks here).

black socks with dark washed jeans

To learn more about matching sock colour and which socks to buy, click here and check out my men’s sock tutorial.

Also, if it’s a warm summer day try sporting sneakers without socks, like you do when wearing shorts.

If you find it uncomfortable for any reason, put on a pair of no-show socks, also called ‘sneaker socks’. Unlike ankle socks, these look great. Because they don’t show at all (wink).

Speaking of shoes that can be worn without socks …

… slip-ons are perfect.


When it comes to slip-ons, you basically have three choices:

  1. Leather loafers
  2. Canvas loafers
  3. Boat shoes

Slip-ons are just the thing if in the summer. Especially if you’re looking for some nice black or brown casual shoes to wear with jeans.

casual shoes with jeans

By the way, brown shoes look better with blue jeans than black jeans. That’s because brown is a warm colour and don’t match cool black pants.

Black shoes, on the other hand, can be worn with both blue and black jeans.

#2. Leather Loafers

Anyway, to get the most out of slip-on footwear, choose loafers or moccasins in leather. They handle suits and jeans equally well. But, they don’t lend themselves to business or dressy occasions where lace-up shoes are preferred.

Common types are horsebit, tassel, and penny loafers.

mens shoes to wear with jeans

A thing that’s worth knowing is that, according to the book Gentleman …

… welted loafers are superior to moccasins. Both shoes are made a bit differently:

Loafers have soles and uppers made from separate pieces of material. Whereas moccasins have soles and uppers made from the same piece of leather.

You should also know that for casual and everyday wear …

… canvas loafers are a good alternative to sneakers.

#3. Canvas Loafers

With their summer feel, canvas loafers look great with pinrolled jeans (learn how to pinroll jeans here)  plus a polo or a collared shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

slip on shoes to wear with black jeans comp

#4. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are equally as casual as canvas loafers. As the name implies, these shoes were originally used when boating. A non-slip, non-marking sole and water-resistant waxed leather make them perfect for this.

brown sperry top sider boat shoes infographic

Today they have become classic casual wear, no longer reserved for the docks. Boat shoes are great shoes to wear with jeans. This type also looks good with chinos if you prefer something preppier than denim.

brown sperry top sider boat shoes with jeans comp

To look your best, here’s what to do to really nail slip-ons:

If the occasion isn’t formal or business-related, lose the socks (or wear sneaker socks). Also, never wear them in winter. Rather, wear these casual shoes with jeans as often as you can in the summer.

Desert Boots, Chelsea Boots, and Dress Boots

Boots have gotten an unfair ‘casual’ label.

Of course, casual and hiking boots should never be worn in combination with jeans and a blazer.

black and brown casual boots

But some boots—like desert boots, Chelsea boots, and dress boots—can.

In the spring, summer, and autumn, chukka and desert boots are perfect with jeans.

#5. Chukka and Desert Boots

Desert boots are a type of chukka boots. Chukkas usually have two to three pairs of eyelets, a plain leather finish, and a crepe (white) rubber sole.

Unlike Chukkas, desert boots always have suede uppers. They’re also unlined and often lighter, and so the desert boot is the one I prefer.

The next type of boot is the Chelsea boot.

#6. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have a solid pedigree and date back to the Victorian era (mid-1800s). For these boots, plain leather is the only option. They can be higher than chukkas, and instead of laces, they have elastic side panels.

Suede beige chelsea boots from zing 1

Another thing that’s different is their sole.

As with dress shoe soles, a Chelsea sole is usually made of stained leather or rubber. This gives them a dressier look than the white soles of chukka boots. It also makes the boots easier to take care of, since you don’t have to worry about staining the sole when polishing your boots.

Chelsea boots are best worn on rain-filled days and in colder seasons. They look great with jeans, a sweater, and a casual jacket—if casual is what you’re aiming for. However, they can be worn with a suit and coat.

If you don’t fancy the elastic sides of the Chelsea boots …

… or you’d like something a bit more watertight, open-lacing boots are the answer.

#7. Open Lacing Dress Boots

Unlike casual boots, these boots can and must be polished to look good. You can also get them with different degrees of brogueing.

If they’re your first pair of dress boots, forget full brogues (wingtips) and half brogues. Quarter brogues are more than enough, since that means you can wear them with suits as well.

quarter brogue half brogue and full brogue illustration

If you don’t like brogueing, boots in plain leather with a toe cap are very versatile and is what I would have chosen as my first pair of boots.

brown dress boots with open lacing

Also, open-lacing boots, like the ones in the picture, are less dressy than closed-lacing boots (we’ll get to those in a bit). That’s good news, because the open lacing makes them the perfect everyday boots to wear with jeans.

Brogue and Derby Open-lacing Dress Shoes

When it comes to classic open-lacing leather shoes, we can basically divide them into:

  • Derbies (Gibsons)
  • Brogues

‘Open-lacing’ simply means that the shoelace eyelet tabs are mounted on top of the vamp. Oxfords, which we’ll talk about in a bit, are closed-lacing leather shoes. These have eyelet tabs that are located under the vamp.

#8. Derbies

Derbies are about as simple as shoes get. Apart from occasional toe variations, such as apron, cap, and split toes …

… there isn’t much more to these shoes.

toe option of shoes to wear with jeans

The simplicity of open lacing dress shoes is also what makes them dressy and versatile. These will look just as much at home with a pair of jeans as with a suit.

If I had to start my wardrobe all over again, black or brown leather derbies would be the first pair of shoes I bought.

black shoes with jeans

#9. Brogues

As I’ve already mentioned, brogue shoes are a type of open-lacing shoe. In fact, most open-lacing brogue shoes look much like plain derbies, but with added decoration.

The degree of embellishment differs, from long-wing brogues to quarter brogues.

Shoes with brogueing trace back to the shoes Irishmen once wore. Those older shoes also had perforations, which allowed water to drain after crossing wet terrain. Originally used as outdoor and country footwear, brogue shoes have now become everyday classics.

However, they’re not as dressy as the less decorative derbies. That’s why brogue shoes are great as shoe pair number two.

If you’re looking to wear black or brown dress shoes with jeans, I’d go for brogues.

brown shoes with jeans

Brogue shoes are best worn with jeans and dressy tops, such as polos and collared shirts with a well tied tie, plus a blazer or classic casual jacket.

#10. Monkstraps

Here’s a shoe with just as many devotees as haters. Some can’t stand the buckle fastening, which reminds them of monks in their sandals. While others simply love this cross between loafers and open-lacing shoes.

If you haven’t already decided on your pair of shoes, these could be it.

To successfully wear monkstraps with denim:

Your jeans should have a tapered cut, which means that they are fairly slim at the hems …

… and be somewhat highly hemmed, so that the jeans barely rest on the top of the shoes. The reason why your jeans have to be like this is simply because of the buckles. If your pants are too long and too wide at the hems, the buckles will snag them causing your jeans to hang in a less-than-flattering way.

Keep this In Mind When Buying Jeans

The problem with shoes and jeans is that if you don’t have the right jeans, it doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing. You just won’t look right.


You need jeans that you can wear with as many of your shoes as possible.

To find the best jeans for your shoes, follow these simple tips:

Jeans Colour

This is the most important aspect of jeans. The general perception is that the darker the jeans, the dressier they look. Depending on your season, you should go for dark indigo washes or good old black.

shoes to wear with black jeans and dark jeans

Having a pair of light jeans for casual wear is understandable. But if you ever would like to wear jeans to a fancy restaurant or on a date, the darker your jeans are, the better.

Personally, I prefer dark indigo jeans, because they can be washed quite a few times before they start looking distressed. Speaking of the distressed look …

Distressing: Yes or No?

Your jeans should look newish if you want to get the most out of them. That is, they don’t have to be fresh from the store …

… but there should be no obvious signs of wear or distressing. This, of course, leaves jeans with whiskering, patches, honeycombs, and holes and tears out of the question.

how dressy jeans should not look

And don’t be tempted to think that this doesn’t apply to your $400 distressed Diesel designer jeans. I’m sorry to have to break the news to you, but it does.

Fit: Bootcut, Tapered or Straight Jeans?

So you’ve found a pair of clean, solid jeans in the perfect shade of indigo. But, how should they fit?

Here’s the short version:

Your jeans should sit around your waist without difficulties. And to make sure you’re not wearing them too high or low, aim for about 2 to 3 inches of room from your bellybutton to your pants waist.

shoes to wear with jeans tutorial jeans waist

There are several different fits available as well, ranging from baggy to skinny. We want jeans in the golden middle. Simply because they look great and fit sort of like quality dress pants.

That, of course, leaves boot-cut jeans and skinny fits out of the question. Jeans with a tapered cut in either a regular or a slim-fit version are what I’ve found to work best for most men.

tapered jeans to wear with shoes

A little stretch in the fabric is okay as well, since it only helps the pants sit better around your waist. Just remember to skip the fabric softener when washing them.

For the leg length, some men are lucky …

… while others aren’t—myself included.

My inseam is an odd number, which pretty much always seems to be sold out. Since cuffing or pinrolling pants isn’t a dressy or classic look, I always ask the in-house tailor to adjust the jeans length for me. Some shops do it for free, while others charge around $10 or so. Either way, it’s absolutely worth it!

That’s my tips for buying great jeans. Of course, you already know which 10 shoes you should wear with them …

… but did you know that there are 2 types of shoes that don’t match jeans, ever?

Here are the shoes you should never wear with denim:

Shoes to Wear With Jeans? Never Wear These

In the intro, I promised to get back to you on which shoes you should never wear with jeans.

And I’m not talking about sandals with socks, flip-flops, and that boring stuff. Here’s some actual advice that even the best of us can take advantage of.

We basically have one type of sneakers and two types of dress shoes that should never be worn with jeans.

Never wear these sneakers with jeans

Earlier you learned that the best type of sneakers to wear with your jeans are classic sneakers, like the ones Vans and Convers make.

Thatʼs because you can wear classic sneakers on both casual and semi-dressy occasions.

In contrast, sporty sneakers should never be worn with jeans.

And hereʼs why:

Jeans are casual, while sporty sneakers (like the ones below from Salomon and Nike) are sporty, and casual and sporty garments never mix.

how to pinroll jeans with correct tightness 2
Salomon Speedcross 4 – Nike LeBron NBA 2K14

Never wear these dress shoes/boots with jeans

There are two types of dress shoes and boots you should never wear with jeans.

They are:

  • Oxfords (sometimes called Balmorals in the US)
  • Closed-lacing boots

These shoes are too dressy to wear with jeans …

… and the reason why is because they’re both closed-lacing styles, meaning theyʼve got a formal look.

And in the same way sporty sneakers are not shoes to wear with jeans, formal dress shoes and casual jeans are not any better.

too formal boots and shoes to wear with jeans

We’ve already talked about less dressy open-lacing footwear, such as derbies and chukka boots. Closed-lacing shoes and boots, on the other hand, look more elegant and are considered more formal.

Hereʼs how to tell the difference between closed and open lacing boots and shoes:

Instead of the eyelet tabs being located on top of the vamp, as they are on chukkas, they are located underneath the vamp. This creates a sleek and dressy look. A look that is too dressy for jeans.

However, there’s no need to despair, because both you and I know that we have plenty of other great-looking shoes to choose from. And now you know which they are.

Now I’ve Got a Question for You …

Are you going to give any of the shoes above a shot? In case you do, which will it be?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment right now.

Perhaps you have thoughts or questions. Either way, let me know in the comment box below.

Just feel like downloading the free PDF? You can do that by clicking the link and filling out the form at the start of this post.

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    • Hi Alen,

      With distressed jeans I would have chosen one of these three casual shoes:

      • Classic sneakers
      • Canvas loafers
      • Desert boots

      Vegard @ Apparel Illustrated

  1. Is it ok to wear blue denim high top sneakers with jeans for everyday purpose?
    I bought these: [broken link removed by site admin].

    • Hi Nihar Lodaya,

      Wearing denim on denim can be tricky.
      One way to pull it off, is by making sure one denim item is lighter or darker than the other. You donʼt want them to match.

      Vegard @ Apparel Illustrated

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the kind words. Iʼm sure your penny loafers look great with dark jeans. Dark blue looks great with dark golden browns.

      Vegard @ Apparel Illustrated

  2. What sandals can I wear with slim fit Mavi jeans?
    I have a pair of:
    Brown Zign sandals from
    Brown Ionian Sandals from Dune London
    Rivers Desert sandals from

    • Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for commenting. All your sandals can be worn with jeans.

      I had a look at all three pairs of sandals and they look like gladiator sandals, which means they can be worn with jeans on casual occasions.

      Too sporty sandals are your typical beach flip-flops, showers sandals, and floaters.

      Vegard @ Apparelillustrated

    • Hi Pankaj,

      Yes, I have a couple of shoes in mind actually.

      Leather loafers (they are great when itʼs warm outside, just remember to skip the socks)
      Derby shoes are great when its evening or business occasions.
      Chelsea boots are great for wet or cold days.


  3. Need some help. I am planning on wearing a white untucked oxford type shirt with straight leg Dark jeans. Not sure what type shoes is best for this look. Need a suggestion ? I am 51 years old . 5’8″ tall 200lbs. a little on the husky side.

    • Hi Mike,

      First off, great outfit.

      Second, with your outfit, I wouldnʼt have worn petite looking footwear like slip-ons or derbies, given that your jeans have a straight leg cut.

      Brogues, desert boots, chukkas, and Chelsea boots are all good candidates, as they will look more in proportion to your pants than derbies and slip-ons would.


  4. I want to wear a pair of slim fit jeans with a blazer and woodland shoes.

    Does this combination match?

  5. Hello! Normally I wear regular or straight fit jeans. Recently I ordered a pair of puma hip hop sneakers.
    So my question is if I can wear these regular jeans with my sneakers. Does this combination match?

    Please help me on this.

    • Hello Anil,

      Yes, wearing your Puma Hip-Hop sneakers with you straight leg jeans is fine.

      Just make sure the length of you jeans are right 🙂

      Vegard @ Apparelillustrated

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this tips! I don’t what kind of shoes I will give to my boyfriend as a gift since the holiday is coming. I wanted to make sure that it will go with his jeans. Anyways, amazing post and well-informative!

  7. Can I wear a dark brown leather aviator jacket and dark blue solid coloured jeans with black leather Porsche design sneakers? If yes, what colour shirt/t-shirt should I wear for perfect combination?

    Sorry for the long question. Thanks!

    • Regarding you Porsche sneakers, yes you can wear them with your jeans and jacket.

      They look clean and casual, which is perfect for this outfit.

      Since your aviator jacket is dark brown and your jeans are dark blue, this is the colour I can recommend for your polo shirt:
      Choose a white/or ivory white polo shirt.

      This is the classic Top Gun look and is perfect for a jacket like that.

      Vegard @ Apparelillustrated

      Learn more about colour matching in my e-book “How to Match Clothes“.

  8. With Chukka boots, Iʼm sure bootcut jeans are out.

    But what about straight fit jeans?
    Men in their forties and fifties can’t wear skinny leg jeans.

    So are there other options with chukkas?

    • Hi Gary,

      Youʼre absolutely right, skinny and slim fit jeans might be a bit too much for men in their forties and fifties.

      Straight leg jeans, as you suggest in your comment, is what I would have recommended for chukkas.

      Although not as hip as slim fit and skinny jeans, theyʼre nice looking and will accommodate a boot shaft well.

      Vegard @ Apparelillustrated

    • Hi Ansh,

      For business occasions:
      If it is summer or winter, I would have worn Derby shoes as they look dressy and nice.

      For leisure occasions:
      If it is summer, I would have worn sneakers because they look cool and doesnʼt need to be polished.
      If it is winter, I would have worn Chelsea boots. They are warmer and more water resistant than sneakers.


  9. If I wear t-shirt and jeans, should the sneakers colour then be matched with the jeans colour or t-shirt colour?

    • Hi Dibyendu,

      You can match your sneakers with both your jeans or your t-shirt without a problem.

      Another thing you could do, which I think looks super good, is to wear sneakers in a complementary (opposite) colour to your t-shirt.


      • If your t-shirt is red, than wear sneakers that are green (red and green are complimentary colours)
        If your t-shirt is orange, then wear sneakers that are blue (orange and blue are complimentary colours)
    • You can learn more about matching sneakers and clothes in my eBook. Get it here.


  10. Great article! Probably one of the most informative pieces I’ve read.

    What are your thoughts on men over 40 wearing black leather sneakers with jeans?


    • Hi Brian.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      As long as you pair your sneakers and jeans with something an established man would wear, like a polo shirt, dress shirt, or crew/v-neck sweater you will look great.

      I advice all men over 40 to keep away from hoodies and t-shirts. Thatʼs because those garments donʼt flatter their established, mature status and looks.


    • Hi Akash,

      Yes, you can certainly wear blue sneakers with dark blue pants.

      Blue is one of the most versatile shoe colours (after black and brown).


  11. Very helpful article, but I do have a question. I was wondering if Allen-Edmonds Strand Cap Toe Oxford wold be to dressy with jeans?

    I know your article states closed lacing shoes should not be worn with jeans, but I just love these shoes.


    • Hi Ben,

      Is it possible for you to switch out your jeans with similar coloured chinos?

      If it is, I would buy those Allen-Edmonds if I where you, and wear them with chinos instead of jeans.
      Chinos creates a much more put-together look with closed-lacing shoes than jeans ever could.


  12. Great article, thanks – added to ‘Favoruites’ for future reference.

    I’m looking to buy a pair of boots I can wear with dark jeans for a smart casual look. I really like these Jeffrey West boots. Do you think these would they be OK with jeans, or are they too smart and would look odd? Thanks, Rob

  13. Informative indeed !
    Not sure what am going to shop for now , as I actually have lot of info to ponder over . 🙂

    • Hi Kruthikha and thanks.

      Let me know if you have questions and we will answer them as best we can.


    • Hi Shivoham,

      Given that they have “running shoe” in their name, I suspect that they are too sporty for casual wear.
      However, this is all about personal preference.


      • Ya..but they look casual…Plz have a look at them… I like it’s design better than sneakers

      • Hi Shivoham,

        I understand that you like them. If they would make you feel great and comfortable, they might be right for you.

        Now, given that you ask me for advice on this subject, I have to be straight froward with you.

        I would not have worn them with jeans.
        Thatʼs because the Lotto String shoes you posted links to, have leather side panels, which contrast with the fabric of the rest of the shoe.
        This, combined with the fact that these shoes only have 2 pairs of lacing eyelets (not 4-5 pairs, which I consider a minimum for classic sneakers) makes them too sporty to be worn with jeans for me.

  14. Leather slip-ons/loafers without socks are just hideous. Tacky fashionistas thinks that looks good. With the rest, I agree.

    • Hi Erick,

      I agree, the sockless look is definitely not to everyones liking.

      Glad you agreed on the rest.


  15. Very helpful i have on pair of black loafers ,one pair of tan leather sneakers , one pair of blue gas denim sneakers, one pair of black quarter brogue oxford dress shoes i guess . But am always confused how to pair all of then particularly my dress shoes what colours of suits and formals can go with dress shoes i mentioned

    • Hi Subhi,

      I have written about how to pair dress shoes, suits, ties and other clothes in my eBook on “How to Match Clothes”.

      You can check it out here.


  16. Really helpful article.

    I have a couple of questions:
    What type of dress shoes would go with an untucked t-shirt? And what about henley shirts?


    • Hi Sid,

      Glad it was helpful.

      T-shirts and henley shirts look great untucked, but I would have worn them with a pair of sneakers rather than dress shoes.

      Since the t-shirt is very casual, and the dress shoes are dressy, this combo can make your outfit look odd.

      My personal rule is to always tuck my tops if Iʼm wearing dress shoes or boots. This to avoid an odd looking outfit.
      Therefore, with dress shoes (preferably derbies or quarter brogues) I would have worn a tucked polo- or dress shirt, instead of a t-shirt or henley shirt.


  17. Hi Vegard!
    This is completely unrelated to this article (sorry) but i was wondering, what is your opinion on jewelry for men, specifically non-wedding rings? I don’t know if you have already written an article on this but I would love to read it!

    Also I have a school formal coming up and would like to buy a blue suit with brown shoes. Once again i don’t know if you have an article on this already but I would love any tips you have for buying one.

    Thanks Heaps!!

    • Hi Nick,

      Non-wedding ring jewellery, can be hard for men to pull off.
      I think thatʼs because jewellery looks good on the right person, but then again, what is the right person (the definition differs from individual to individual)?

      To be on the safe side, I never wear anything other than club, school or organisational rings, and a simple gold or silver necklace which is always hidden underneath my shirt or sweater. Check out Style Genesis to learn more about Accessories.

      I donʼt have a free article on suits, but basically, make sure the shoulders fit and that it is in a warm rich navy colour (since you will be wearing it with brown shoes). Having a tailor making adjustments to an off-the-rack suit is also a great way of getting a good fitting suit at a bargain.

      If you want to learn all the fundamentals of buying and fitting a suit, in addition to getting access to a colour palette that shows you which (navy) colours you look great in, check out Style Genesis.


  18. Hi,

    I’m looking to revamp my wardrobe and surprise my girlfriend. I’m looking for boots, jeans and leather jacket brands that would make a perfect match. Please suggest a number of brands that I can look at.


    • Hi Ely,

      It might come as a suprise to you that I rearly shop by brands, only by quality, fit, price, and colour.

      However, if my budget allowed for it, I would start looking at these brands:
      Leather jackets – Belstaff
      Jeans – Nudie Jeans
      Boots – Allen Edmonds

      If you need more help, check out my style course, Style Genesis.


  19. Are Dr. Martin shoes good for black or blue skinny pants?
    If no, which type of shoe is good for those pants?

    • Hi Hritik,

      Dr. Martins shoes have a quite massive sole. As a result, I think they look to bulky and out of proportion when worn with skinny pants.

      I would have chosen a pair of derbies with blake stitching, as this makes the shoes and soles less bulky and more in proportion with skinny and tapered pants.


    • Hi Fire Fist,

      The reason is because the oxfords look sleek and dressy. A look that is too dressy for jeans.

      Considering that Derbies looks almost the same but are less dressy and formal, they are a much better choice for jeans.


    • Hi Tyler,

      I am sorry but I canʼt remember the make or model. I found those shoes at at one point, by I couldnʼt find them when I checked the site today.


  20. Hi..I am a teenager ,wanted to knew that would grey sneakers be fine for my outings and weekends with a polo and jeans.

    • Hi Gantavya,

      Grey sneakers are fine. The darker they are the more versatile they become as dark sneakers can be used at nigh time too.

      Pairing them with jeans and a polo shirt sounds like great idea.


  21. I was thinking about an dark blue jeans on black sneakers, but Iʼm a kind of short height person (just 5.5) and Iʼm not getting what type of shirt that will go with this combination.

    Can you please help me with this?

    • Hi Dubu,

      Dark blue jeans and black sneakers is perfect for “short” men.

      When it comes to your top, it can be a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a dress shirt. Thereʼs really only one thing to remember:

      Always keep it tucked in.

      If you wear your top untucked you will look shorter. Also, wearing a jacket thatʼs hip length (leather jacket, blazer, etc.) is usually better than wearing a coat (which can make your legs seem really short, and your torso really long).

      Hope this helps.

      • Hi Vegard,

        Is this to say that a tall man can leave his polo untucked when pairing it with jeans and a sport coat. I’m 6′ 2″ and like this look but was always concerned it looked a little too casual or unkempt.

        Appreciate your feedback. This article is great and really taught me a lot!

      • Hi John,

        You have a good point. Anyone will look shorter with their polo or dress shirt untucked.

        Thereʼs only catch:
        When wearing a garment #2 (e.g. a sports jacket) over your untucked polo or dress shirt I agree with you, it looks a bit casual and unkempt, and should be avoided.

        The good news is that since you are wearing the sports jacket, it basically makes you look less tall, the same way as an untucked polo shirt would.


  22. Would the black Stafford Gunner boot work with black jeans?

    It is an open laced derby boot, with a cap toe (quarter brogue).

  23. In the Winter I prefer wearing Chukka’s with my jeans, nice button up shirt, worn outside jeans, a sport coat, and Fedora, (I’m a bit eccentric), Summer is usually the same wear style except for leather loafers, sometimes socks, sometimes not.

    • Hey Nat,


      Since dark blue jeans are in a neutral colour, they can be worn with almost any shoe colour.
      This means that the real question is:

      What shoe colour matches your top and jacket?

      You can learn more about colour matching in my style course.


  24. What do you think of dark blue jeans with yellow Onitsuka Tiger M66? I’ve been thinking of this combination.
    Usually I wear my dark brown blundstone with dark blue jeans, but would like a lighter shoe.

    • Hi Keefe,

      They are everything a classic sneaker should be and would look great with dark blue jeans and a top or jacket from the autumn or spring seasonal palette.

      When wearing them just remember, that these sneakers are a tad more casual than your Blundstone Chelsea boots 🙂


      PS: You can learn more about the seasonal palettes in Style Genesis.

  25. Hey,

    What are the brand/name of the boots you have pictured under the “causal boots” I’ve been looking all over for them and cannot seem to find them.



    • Hey Tim,

      The “Casual Boot” is my pair of RedWing BlackSmith boots in the leather Copper Rough and Tough Leather.

      They are one of my favourite pair of casual boots.


  26. Hi Vegard,

    I’m thinking of investing in a pair of black leather Chelsea, boots but I’ve heard that black footwear can clash with jeans.
    Could they work with dark denim or is it still a no-go?

    • Hi Harry,

      Black Chelsea boots sounds great. It is right, they can clash with jeans if the denim colour is too “warm”.
      Fortunately, dark jeans usually have a neutral “cool” colour which makes them ideal for dark footwear such as black Chelseas.

      I would definitively say that dark denims and Chelsea boots will work.


  27. Hi there,

    I found this guide really helpful and those sliders showing 2 different images are really helpful on the visualisation part!

    I was wondering, what about shoes with more than 1 colour on them?

    I have this pair of DC sneakers; metallic grey all round and maroon at the back of the heel area. I don’t think they go well with my blue jeans and I only have my chinos to wear!

    I was contemplating on getting a faded sky blue sort of jeans, any thoughts? At the moment, my grey Vans are my lifeline (yes I made a wrong move in getting the DC)

    • Hi there Ryan.

      Iʼm glad the slider helped visualise my thoughts.

      When it comes to colours, it sounds like youʼve really got the hang of this.
      I too would say that theyʼre more suitable for dark grey and muted blue colours (sky blue), rather than blue jeans.

      If you can get hold of sky blue jeans, Iʼm positive that they will go well with both your Vans and DC sneakers.
      Basically all pants colours from the Summer colour palette would match your shoes.

      To learn more about which colours you can choose between, check out my style course.

      Good luck!


    • Hi Apurba,

      Royal blue is often regarded as a warm colour, which shouldnʼt be worn with black, grey, white, and other cool colours.

      However, since royal blue has such a dark shade, this cool and warm colour “clash” is usually not noticeable.

      Therefore, in most cases you would be just fine wearing your black and white Chuck Taylor’s with a pair of royal blue denims.

      Hope this helps,


  28. Hi,

    I have a black half zip polo sweater and dark blue jeans.

    Can you suggest the best shoe and colour? Black? Derby or Chukka?


    • Hi Joe,

      Great question. Normally I would say get the black Derbies, however in this instance, I think that they Chukkas would probably be a better choice.

      The reason for saying so is because of the half zip polo, which is considered fairly casual (like the Chukkas). It would therefore look better together with your Chukkas than if you wore it with a pair of black Derbies.


    • Hi Aaron,

      They are made by Red Wing. That exact model is called BlackSmith and they are in the leather “COPPER ROUGH & TOUGH LEATHER”.

      Theyʼre one of my favourite pairs of boots.


  29. Hi Vegard!
    Great article. Question: I just purchased a nice pair of dark blue Lucky Brand Slim fit jeans. The leg is tapered more than i’m used to, so I feel a little awkward with any type of shoe that I try on. Any recommendations for style?

    • Hi David!

      Thank you. I know how exactly how you feel. The trick with denims that are tapered, is to wear them with shoes that are small and light. Otherwise they can look out of proportion with the tapering on your jeans.

      It is the same with your upper body. Try wearing something light and not too bulky. A simple t-shirt or dress shirt works really good, and you can always top it off with a blazer or leather jacket.

      Good shoes to wear with jeans that are tapered more than usual are moccasins, loafers, sneakers, and boat shoes.

      Hope this helps.


    • Hi JC

      Thanks and Iʼm glad you liked it.

      The shoes in the picture are from Barker Shoes. That exact model has gone out of production, but hereʼs a link to all of Barker Shoesʼ other brogue models.


  30. Hey Vegard,

    Will a pair of white sneakers go with dark blue denim, navy blue chinos, beige color chinos, or black denims …

    Also, which color sneaker should I go for to pair with dark or light shaded denims?

    I am confused …

    • Hey Rajiv,

      White sneakers will go with dark blue, navy blue, and black pants.
      However, white is not ideal for beige (ivory and oyster white are better options for beige pants).

      Regarding your sneaker colour, it depends on your seasonal colour palette and the rest of your outfit.

      Winters look good with black sneakers
      Summers look good with grey sneakers
      Springs look good with light brown sneakers
      Autumns look good with brown sneakers

      To learn more about which colour you look best in, check out my style course here.


  31. Hi,
    I have Blue, Indigo and Black solid jeans. Could you suggest what color of sneakers would match best with each of the color irrespective of the color of the top?

    • Hi Paras jain,

      Since blue, indigo, and black are all fairly neutral colours I would simply have chosen a pair of black sneakers to go with all of them.


  32. Hi, I really liked your article. I have a casual dress code at work, and I sometimes wear black jeans to work. I recently bought Nike red sneakers , pretty standard but not too bright. I like the comfortability of the shoe, but I just feel awkward wearing a red shoe even with black, as I always have worn black dress and darker casual shoes . What’s your opinion about this ? Thanks

    • Hi Akiva,

      Black and red usually look really good together, and I bet your outfit looks great.

      Since you have a casual dress code at work, you are free to wear pretty much whatever you want, which raises the question:

      What would you like to wear in order to feel both comfortable and confident?

      Since you are pondering over whether or not your red sneakers is right, may it be that you would have felt more confident if you had opted for a darker sneaker colour?


  33. Hello,

    I have Red Tape tan leather shoes. Itʼs a kind of casual shoe in leather.
    Can I wear it with blue PE tapered jeans?

    • Hello Arpit,

      Absolutely. However, since your blazer is light blue, another pants colour that would look great with that outfit would be dark greys.


  34. What brand of casual boots are those in the picture where it says “causal-hiking boots”?

    Also what do you think of casual boots in blue?

    • Hi James,

      Those are my Red Wing boots. The model is called BlackSmith.

      I canʼt see a problem wearing casual boots in blue, other than that it might be hard to find.


    • Hi Andrew,

      Red shirt and black tennis shoes is no problem. With a pair of black, dark blue, or charcoal grey pants this will look really good.


  35. I know it might sound strange, but I didnʼt know the name of the different types of shoes until I read this article. Here, I got to know about classic sneakers and canvas loafers, shoes I wear every day.

    On online website in India, they don’t have proper footwear categories. I am still confused in slim jeans and skinny jeans.
    I like your article and I am going to subscribe as well.

    Thanks and regards
    Shafi Khan

    • Hi Shafi Khan,

      You are by far not the first. When I started reading up on footwear back in the early 2000s, I was so confused, because stores I visited and books I read, all had own names for the different types of shoes and boots.

      Thanks for subscribing.


  36. I am so glad I found this website!!! My husband is having some kind of identity crisis and decided to go o line and buy two pairs of super fancy shoes… one was a pair of Brogues, and the other pair was grey-ish lace up dress shoes. (They are so long and remind me of clown shoes!) Now I must tell you, we live in the mountains… and he has always been a man who cared about he looked, won’t wear anything with wrinkles, likes his white t-shirts white, and likes to dress up on occasion for weddings and such. He worked at a ski area for years and so he is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy… so when he decided to all of a sudden take his style to a whole unknown territory, he didn’t know what the heck he was doing!! He walked out of the bedroom with a baseball cap, baggy jeans, a casual sweater (with t-shirt underneath) and the fanciest shoes I have ever seen! He looked ABSOLUTELY (but hilariously) RIDICULOUS!!! He was on his way to volunteer at the school, and I simply could NOT let him think he looked good. I told him like it was, that his shoes made his feet look big and that he had it ALL WRONG!! He, of course, initially took offense… but eventually thanked me for not letting him leave the house lookin a d*mn fool!
    Ha ha! In his defense, we don’t have a full-length mirror… so he couldn’t reall tell how funny he looked.
    After he left the house (looking like a normal person, thankfully) I went online searching for “dress shoes with jeans”, and I found your website!! I did some informative reading, discovered the name of one of one of the types of shoes he had purchased (brogues) and then Googled “brogues with jeans”. I then sent him lots of photos of how his outfit should have looked. Needless to say, I will now be investing in a full-length mirror!!!
    Bless his heart for trying…
    It gave us both a good laugh in the end; and while the shoes are super fancy looking, luckily they weren’t super expensive!
    I like him just the way he is, knows how to dress up when the occasion calls for it, but still my
    Mountain boy at heart!! He can wear his hiking boots every day, and be better off than he was yesterday!! LOL!

  37. How about wearing Pharrell Adidas X “Human race” sneakers with my dark blue and dirty wash blue coloured denims?

    If the answers is a yes, which colour of shoes would go with the above denims? Yellow, blue or black?

    Please suggest.

    • Hi Ankit,

      Yes, you can defientivly wear a pair of Pharrell Adidas X Human Race sneakers with your denims on casual occasions.

      I for dark blue and drity wash blue coloured denims I would have chosen yellow or black. Yello if youʼre a spring or autumn man and black if youʼre a summer or winter man. The blue sneakers would probably look better on lighter types of denims, not the dark blue ones that you have.


      PS: if you donʼt know which season you are, you can get a professional colour analysis by a style coach when signing up for my style course here.

    • Hi James,

      I am sure light grey dress shoes and dark blue jeans will look really good.

      The only thing to keep in mind is that light dress shoe colours are best reserved for daytime wear.
      Dark dress shoe colours on the other hand, can be worn both at day and night.


  38. Hey Vegard,

    I’m looking for new sneakers for dressy occasions and came across a dark grey pair that I fancy. I usually wear plain black tapered jeans. Do you think it is a good combination? Also, what outfit do you reckon would suit a pair of light grey low cut VANS sneakers?

    On another note, I would like to thank you for this extremely informative, clear and useful article. It is a wonderful guide for people (including myself :p) who are still working on developing their fashion sense and their personal style.


    • Hey Pratham,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. Iʼm glad you found it informative and useful.

      Dark grey sneakers is a good combination with black tapered jeans, as long as the occasion is right for it.

      My go-to classic sneakers outfit that I wear all the time, consists of:
      Sneakers, jeans, a t-shirt (or dress shirt if itʼs at night) and a leather jacket.

      With grey sneakers, I would have worn a light grey pair of jeans, an off-white, pink, or red top, and a dark grey leather jacket.


  39. Hi Vegard,

    I have a pair of black shoes (not Oxfords) and a pair of dark blue jeans.
    What color of shirt or T-shirt should I wear with these two?


    • Hi Parsa,

      Black dress shoes and jeans is one of the most versatile (and good looing) jeans combos out there.

      I say wear a t-shirt in your seasons white, because white is super easy to layer, which means you can wear whatever jacket you want over it.

      Hereʼs the right white for your season:
      Winter = Pure white
      Spring = Ivory
      Summer = soft white (off white)
      Autumn = Oyster white


      PS: if you want to know which season you belong to, get a professional colour analysis by a style coach when signing up for my style course here.

  40. How about closed lacing brogues? I have seen quite a few of them in the stores. Are they considered too dressy for jeans?

    I personally think it is fine because of the embellishments 🙂

  41. Hi Vegard,

    Great article! I’m looking for some advice regarding smart night-out clothes ideas (for dinner and/or going to a nightclub.) I’m of a very slim build, 170 cm height.

    I was thinking a mid-grey blazer teamed with a white/light blue/navy/black button down shirt OR a plain white t-shirt, plus mid-blue or black slim fit Nudie jeans. For shoes, I was thinking a pair of grey leather brogues (something a bit different) or a pair of plain black shoes (they have a semi-plain/bicycle toe). Please can you give me your thoughts on whether I’m on the right track, and if you have any suggestions/advice?

    I also have a couple of red/blue plaid checked shirts, so would these do for a more smart-casual occasion (teamed with any of the clothes and shoes I mentioned above)?

    I would really appreciate your help and any style ideas you are happy to share!

    Many thanks

    • Hi Calum,

      Thanks, glad you liked it!

      Your outfit sounds good looking. I would definitively go for the grey Brogues, especially since your blazer is mid-grey.

      As for pants and shirt colours, I would have picked the light blue dress shirt and paired it with your mid blue jeans. That will give your outfit a good balance of light/dark colours. The black shoes and navy/black dress shirt can get a bit too heavy with the mid-grey blazer.

      The red/blue plaid checked shirts are perfect for occasions where you would like to look less serious but stylish. Pair them with any of your jeans and the black dress shoes for a great look. This is perfect for occasions where you want to seem less serious, such as when barhopping with friends or watching a movie at the cinema.


  42. You might consider two very appealing combos: jeans and sportjacket or blazer with rounded-toe western boots, and with corcoran traditional cap-toe Munsen-last jump boots (or field sole). Both boot types are masculine, both are interesting, though neither work particularly well with a tie. Open neck button down shirt works best.

    • Hi Alton,

      I don’t think tan shoes and black jeans are the best match.
      Instead of tan, I would try finding shoes that are grey or taupe (grey-beige). Their cool colour looks much better with black than tan’s warm colour.


  43. Hey Vegard,

    Will a pair of white sneakers go with dark blue denim , navy blue chinos , beige color chinos or black denims… And which color sneaker should i go for, to pair with dark or light shaded denims ? I am confused…

    • Hi Samuel,

      White sneakers go with all colours that are cool, like black, dark blue, and navy.

      For beige pants, I would wear brown, navy, or cordovan (brown-red) sneakers.
      Which type of sneakers you should wear with light and dark shaded denims, depends on which season you are.


    • Hi Don,

      I didn’t mention sandals because personally, I never wear any type of sandals with jeans.

      My 2 reasons for never wearing sandals with jeans are:
      1 – If it’s hot enough to wear sandal, I should wear shorts and not jeans.
      2 – If the occasion is dressy enough to call for jeans or pants and not shorts, my footwear should be appropriate and conceal my toes (like sneakers, dress shoes, or boots do).

      Hope this helps.


      NB: I have friends that do wear more classic sandals (like Birkenstock’s Arizona) with their jeans …

      … but they are very laid back in how they dress.

    • Hello Meks,

      Yes, Yeezy shoes would go with jeans, but I wouldn’t wear this combo on anything but casual occasions.


      • Hi Sai kr,

        For a classic combo like that you can wear almost any type of the footwear mentioned in this article.

        However, since it sounds like a daytime outfit (because of the light pants) I would have opted for a slip-on shoe in black (like your blazer).

        Hope this helps.


  44. Hi

    Would it be nice if i match a pair of blue jeans with a pair of brown derby.
    And also what is your suggestion for top that match with blue jeans

    • Hi Andrew,

      If you’re wearing brown shoes and blue jeans, make sure your top is in a warm colour. Greens, reds, and oranges are all good options 🙂


      • “This creates a sleek and dressy look. A look that is too dressy for jeans.”

        Nooohoooo! My favorite pair of Levi’s jeans is dark blue with slightly lighter parts of blue distressing on the front and back. I always wanted to wear them together with my brown quarter brogue leather shoes. My train of thought was that while it may be closed lacing, it’s still casual enough to be worn with the before mentioned because of the broguing. But from your article, it would seem that it’s a big no-no. So sad 🙁

  45. Hi I have bought something similar to Chukka Boots/Shoes previously, and they seemed to be doing fine till now. Sadly they don’t allow me to move around freely in my lab a lot (they have this uncomfortable flip flop sound whenever I try to run). I teach at K-12 level so running behind kids is all in a days work.

    I like the Brogue and the Derbie shoes, with the open lacing option, my only worry is how comfortable they would be and where best to buy them from in India? I did find some option online, but for shoes I must try them out before buying.

    • Hi Roy, I understand you, comfort is everything and if you’ll be on you feet all day you’re wise to get some good shoes.

      Shoes brands I’ve found to be really comfortable are Ecco, RockPort, and Mephisto.
      If you can get hold of any of these brands or a brand similar you should be just fine!

      Good luck.

      Cheers, Vegard

  46. Hey Vegard,
    Best article on shoes I’ve come across!
    I’m looking to get a pair of canvas loafers and I really dig the ones in the article. What brand is that?

    And thanks for taking the time to reply to all the comments. Cheers!

  47. What’s your suggestions for blazer colour?

    I’m going to wear a pair of black leather penny loafer, with no-show socks, and a decent pair of teared black washed jeans to a simple engagement party.


    • Hi Karim.

      With black footwear and black jeans, I would have opted for a navy, black, or charcoal coloured blazer with black buttons.

      Enjoy yourself at the party!


  48. What colour jeans pants and shirts or t-shirts for red colour loafers?

    Can you suggest a versatile loafer colour which suits all pants and shirts?

    … Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Raghu,

      With red loafers, I would have chosen a winter colour for my clothes.
      Such as: black, charcoal, navy, blue, blue-green, and white.

      The most versatile shoe colours are probably, black and brown.


    • Hi Rick,

      I would say that depends. If the dress code is rather casual I say go for them.
      However, if you’ll be holding presentations, interviews, important meetings, or if there’s guys around the office dressing sharp, these shoes from Clarks might be a better option.


  49. I was going to wear black jeans with a brown slip on leather shoe… but thankfully your advice helped me out. I really appreciate it!

    Going with a blue jeans and a red t-shirt instead.

      • Sir my height was 5.4 ft please suggest me for suitable outfit for me like t shirt pants jeans shirt combination which is best for me and shoes my skin color is not white

  50. Hi,

    Is it okay to pair a pair of brown or gray colored jeans by freego with a blue Converse shoes?

    • Hi Michael,

      If the shoes are in a rich blue colour, they could definetivly be paired with brown pants. However …

      … if you want to be on the safe side, blue converse and grey jeans is never a bad combo.


  51. I have a dark grey wool blazer and a dark blue jeans.
    Need a confirmation. Will brown coloured chukka boots go well with them this outfit?

    • Hi Puneet,

      From where I stand, it seems that navy or grey chukka boots would be a better option.
      I say that because they will probably match your grey blazer better than a pair of brown boots.


    • Hi Ratan.

      With brogue shoes I would have chosen a pique, or dress shirt instead of a tee …

      … however, derbies looks awesome with any type of shirt (including t-shirts).


  52. I think it’s a great idea to wear converse with jeans. I have always loved the look of converse ever since I was in high school, and I am hooked. I didn’t know that wearing the low top looks better than the high. I always wear the high tops, and lace them as tight as I can.

    • HI Gregory,

      I’m glad there’s more people out there who appreciate the classic Converse sneaker, there’s nothing like them!
      The high-tops do look awesome. Even though I own both types, I favour low-tops because I think it’s easier to get away with wearing them to the office and to dressy nightclubs.


  53. I want to buy a pair of sneakers to go with my denims.

    I usually wear slim (not skinny) fit denims, but I am confused about the colour.
    Would grey look good?

    • HI Navneet,

      If you’re a summer I can highly recommend grey sneakers.
      Grey sneakers also looks great with dark washed and light denims.


  54. Is it ok if the shoe sole tip is high of the ground?

    I bought a pair of shoes similar to the derbies in this article and the tip is a bit high.
    How high should the tip of the shoes bee?


    • Hi Lau,

      I understand what you mean. On my shoes the tip of the sole is normally no more than 5 mm (1/5 inch) above the ground.
      If you feel that your shoes looks weird or have a very high tip, I suggest getting a pair with a lower tip (especially for business and formal occasion).


  55. I have a pair of loafers (dark navy blue), can I pair them with jeans or khakis? What color shoild I use? Socks? Thanks in advance and very informative site.

    • Hi Mike,

      Navy blue loafers can be worn with any jeans colour of your choice (black, dark, grey, and white). You can also wear them with chinos in any cool colour.
      Regarding socks, I alway like to go barefoot in loafers, but sneaker socks are a great alternative. A big no-no is crew socks of any colour.


  56. Hi Vegard,

    Great article. As you said about adjusting the length of jeans, do you usually cut it off or do some other adjustments? I am bit uncomfortable on the cutting off part , it could hamper the overall look and feel of the jean.

    I was also looking to buy a pair of grey sneakers. I used to own a pair of dark brown ones. Wanted to know what are the possible jean color combinations for gray sneakers. Posting the link for your reference:

    • Hi Esha,

      Thank you, glad you liked it.

      Yes, my shoemaker or tailor usually cut of the excess fabric when I hem the jeans.
      If you’re in doubt of how to do it, please consult your tailor as hemming pants should be no problem for a professional 🙂

      Regarding the grey pants, as long as you stay clear of black and pure white jeans, you should be good!


  57. Going on a cruise out of Miami to the Bahamas and was wondering what shoe would be versatile enough to wear with both jeans (not too dark) and khaki/chinos? I want something that is casual but looks nice with button-up shirts or t-shirts. Great site by the way!

    • Hi Keith,

      A cruise to the Bahamas, that sounds awesome!

      For a cruise I would have chosen a pair of canvas sneakers, like these ones from H&M.
      Canvas sneakers looks at home in the tropic (unlike most leather shoes), and are dressy enough to wear with chinos 😉

      Enjoy your cruise Keith!


  58. I like desert boots a lot, and it happens I have a dark blue one. Any idea on what kind of jeans to wear with it ? Thank you.

    • Hi Nabel Pauzi,

      Ah, desert boots are great! Since they’re casual, light coloured jeans is always a winner.
      But, you can’t go wrong with dark washed jeans either 😉


  59. Hi Vegard,

    I am glad that I found you, your guideline really helps.
    My suggestion is that you post more fashion samples so that people can follow the guide more easily (eg: white shirt, navy pants, black shoes…).

    Also, I want to ask you the best match (pants, shirt) for a suede navy shoes?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Cuong,

      Thanks for your input, I will strive to give more examples in future/updated articles!

      For suede navy shoes here’s three combos I think looks nice:
      1: Navy shoes, grey pants, pink shirt.
      2: Navy shoes, black pants, light blue shirt.
      3: Navy shoes, navy pants, red shirt.

      Hopes this helps.


    • Hi Jamie,

      That depends on the green.
      Is it a warm green (green with yellow undertone) or is it a cool green (green with blue undertone)?


  60. In the picture above of the “hiking boots”, what kind of brand are the boots on the left?
    I’ve been looking for something like those and am very interested.

  61. Hi!

    Last time I just forgot to ask you that what color jeans or shorts I should wear below my white polo shirt?
    It has orange and dark blue stripes on it. Also what shoes do I wear with it.

    Thank you for you help.

    • Hi Anmol Monga!

      Since the orange in you polos stripes is a warm colour, I would have worn the polo with denims in a colour from the autumn palette (rich dark blue).
      As for your shoes. It’s hard to go wrong with derbies, sneakers, or loafers when wearing a polo 😉


      • Hi Joe,

        Brown and beige are the most popular footwear colours from the Autumn palette.

        You can learn more about colour in my style course. Check it out here.


  62. Hello sir,

    I have a pair of dark washed jeans and a pair of tan double monkstrap leather shoes. The tan color is light, not wood brown.

    Will that tan suit the jeans?

    • Hello Muhammad,

      Yes! Light tan shoes (almost beige) can suit dark washed jeans really nicely.
      All you have to remember is to wear a jacket, shirt, or top that is equally light. That way you will balance out the contrast between your shoes and jeans.


  63. Hi, I bought a trendy red v-neck, the red is not too bright. What kind of shoes and color will go safe with it if I wear dark jeans?

  64. Great article! But i cant figure out what type are these shoes which i just bought recently

    I bought them bec theyre comfortable to wear but i dont exactly know what pants should i wear. I tried it with denim and and as per my subjective feeling, they look great. But can i wear them casually? What other pants should i wear to match these boots? How about shirt or tshirt colour? Can i wear them in formal ocassions i.e. Weddings or corporate meetings? If yes, what suit and shirt colours should they match? Thanks!

    • Hi Floyd,

      I would call them ankle high Chelsea boots. I would wear them with denims, chinos, trousers, and suits.

      When pairing them with denims and chinos the look is rather casual, however they can be dressed up as well.
      Just pair them with trousers and suits and wear them to dressy occasion and corporate events.

      As for pants colours, I gave you my top three colour picks in my answer to your last comment 🙂 When it comes to your shirt or t-shirt,
      choose a warm colour to go with the pants. Olive green, rust red, and camel are great choices.

      Hope this helps.


    • Hi Floyd,

      You’ve got great taste in boots! This rich brown colour is best paired with denims in a deep rich blue colour (not light or black denim).

      The same goes with weddings and corporate meetings.
      Always try to pair them with rich warm colours, like a marine navy (rich blue), a chocolate brown, or olive green suit or pair of chinos (trust me you’ll look like a million bucks $$$)


      NB: Don’t forget to wear a matching belt (here’s an article I wrote on that subject)

  65. I’m looking for casual shoes to wear with both light blue jeans and black jeans. Which colour should I go for? Will brown be all right?

    • Hi Gokul,

      Since brown is a warm colour and black is a cool colour, those two colours clash (not good).
      I would therefore wear light blue and black jeans with red, dark red, and navy shoes, in addition to black off course.


  66. What do you think about wearing Twisted X Cow Dog boots?
    Also I like wearing Doc Martin dress combat boots.

    Really enjoyed your write up, very helpful.

    • Hi Dave,

      First, I’m glad you liked my write up and that you took your time to leave your comment, awesome!

      Second, the Twisted X Cow Dog, and Doc Martins boots are both great casual shoes.
      So if I where to wear them, I would only do so on casual occasions. If the occasion is dressy or business like, derbies and chelsea boots are better alternatives.


  67. Hi Vegard,

    I am glad that I found you, your guideline really helps. My suggestion is that you post more fashion samples so that people can follow the guide more easily (eg: white shirt, navy pants, brown shoes…). Those colors from head to toe should be the BEST MATCH.

    Also, I want to ask you the best match (pants, shirt) for a suede navy shoes. I have 2 pairs of these:

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Cuong,

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

      Since the grey loafers and the navy suede captoe derbies your posted links to are both in the summer palette, I would stick to grey, or dark blue pants.
      For the shirt, off-white, lavender, or a pink or light blue shirt with grey undertones are all great choices.


    • Hi Tom,

      These are kind of hard to match as they incorporate both brown (a warm colour) and black (a cool colour).
      Warm and cool colours generally do not mix.

      Black shoes to wear with black jeans and a white shirt should be all black.

      Cheers, Vegard

  68. I need help on what to wear together basically i have herbal converse trainers but i do not know what jeans to wear with them. Any suggestions

    • Hi John,

      The herbal converse shoes would look great with dark washed or warm grey jeans.
      Khaki or brown coloured chinos would also look awesome with these sneakers.

      Cheers, Vegard

  69. Hello:

    I just came across your website and have a question. I have jeans in different colors and like to pair them with good t shirts for casual wear. I have a pair of green jeans purchased from the Gap some months back and would like to pair it with a muted purple t-shirt, but I can’t figure out what color sneakers (Vans, Converse, etc.) to match. Anny suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hi Joe,

      With that outfit I would wear neutral coloured shoes, preferably in black or navy for two reasons.
      1: With both green and purple in your outfit already, one extra colour could easily get overwhelming. Keeping to a neutral sneaker colour such as black or navy is the safest, and in my mind, best looking option.
      2: Since purple is a cool colour, you don’t want to wear shoes with a warm colour as they will clash. So the smartest thing is probably to stay away from beige, rust red, orange, and brown as these are all warm colour.

      Cheers, Vegard

  70. Great article!

    Hi Vegard, I have some questions:

    I’m interested in black Chelsea boots, what’s the best pants color to match them with? Does dark jeans and light-grey chinos work? And what type/color of sole is the most versatile?
    I’ll be wearing it for mostly casual occasions, but I also want to wear it with a suit/blazer too.

    Oh, and one more thing, my body is quite thin and my height is average, will it look good on me?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Oni, and thank you! I’m glad you liked it.

      With black shoes you can definitively wear dark and black pants. Grey also works, as long as it’s a fairly dark grey.

      Regarding your boots soles. Rubber is alway a good option. It’s comfortable, durable, and doesn’t require any care (like leather soles do).

      I’m absolutely sure that you’ll look great in this outfit! If you have any questions, let me know.

      Cheers, Vegard

  71. Where are the pictures of the hiking boots from. I can’t find any like that anywhere. And I really want some like that.

  72. Hi, I am planning to wear peach polo shirt with black pants. My shoes is a high-cut green converse.

  73. Hi! Nice article.

    I have a question for You. I can’t decide what colour shoes to wear with my white polo shirt that has blue and orange stripes.
    I’m very confused …

  74. Hi!, I have a question that has been in my mind quite a bit since I decides to buy a pair of dessert boots, and its the following… What color is the most versatile in a dessert boot to buy if someone want a casual look almost every time they will be used? And by casual I mean using a plain t-shirt of casual shirt, with blue jeans or dark navy blue jeans… Hope I was clear enough because Its difficult to express in an other language, thanks Vegard, very nice advices you give in your articles!

    • Hi Manuel,

      Great choice in footwear!

      I say it depends. I would have chosen navy or brown. Navy if you’re a winter or a summer, and brown if you’re an autumn or a spring.


  75. Hi I have a pair of Levis which are a fairly bright blue but light. I can’t make up my mind if brown shoes work with them?

    • Hi Michael,

      With light blue denims, brown shoes can sometimes be hard to pull off. If the jeans have a cool colour (which they most often have) navy shoes is usually a better alternative 🙂

      Cheers, Vegard

  76. Hi,

    I’m getting two new pairs of shoes to wear with my dark blue jeans, I looking at Vans Authentic and something like these.

    My question is: what kind of socks should I get to go with these?

    I see a lot of guides that say to wear no show socks with Vans, but I would really prefer to wear socks that cover my ankles. For socks to go with jeans, would navy socks and grey socks go well with the outfit, or another type of sock work better?


    • Hi Cory,

      You definitively don’t have to wear no-show socks too look good. If you wear regular socks try getting the colour as close to you pants as possible.
      So navy and light grey socks as you say, is probably the best bet with dark and light denims.

      I’ve written this article about socks article about socks which you should check out.

      Cheers, Vegard

    • Hi Sukesh,

      Coat pants and dress pants can be worn with pretty much any type of shoes. If the occasions is dressy, chelsea boots and derbies are sure winners. If the occasion is casual, I would wear brogues or leather loafers.

      Cheers Vegard,

  77. Hey,

    I need your suggestion… What should I wear with black jeans? It would be great if you can suggest me a good pair …

    Thank you!

    • Hey Aryan,

      Below black jeans I would wear chelsea boots (if it’s raining or cold), derbies (if the occasions is dressy), or sneakers. Off course, any of the ten shoes to wear with jeans in this article are awesome 😉

      For colour, choose a cool one (not warm). Black, cordovan (dark red), and navy are all great colours to wear with black jeans 🙂

      Cheers, Vegard

    • Hi JT,

      The colour of those high-top leather sneakers looks great. However, I do think the apron toe is a bit too much.

      Since sneakers are all about young and cool, I do think they should have a plain toe or a captoe, instead of an apron toe.
      For that reason I would have bought the Geffron or Jeromy high-top sneakers from Ralph Lauren instead.

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers, Vegard

  78. I have a pair of oxford wingtips brogue shoes. If I can’t wear with jeans, what should I wear with?

    • Hi John,

      You are right. Oxfords (closed lacing shoes) usually looks to dressy for jeans. However, they do look really good with chinos.
      That’s because chinos have a tad dressier look than jeans 🙂

      Let me know if you have any questions about chinos.

      Cheers, Vegard

  79. Hi great article! I’ve got the pants down,however, 2 questions.
    1) We are going to Spain and I’m looking for a pair of shoes that is easy on my feet- I wear hard orthotics for plantar fasciitis. Since we will be doing A lot of walking, something with arch vs flat shoes.
    2) want a shoe that I can wear both for day activities and nightlife. Don’t wanna overpack on shoes.
    Thanks for the info!!

    • Hi Tino,

      I can’t help you with your first question as that sounds like something you should discuss with an orthopaedic.

      However, with question two I would say bring Derby shoes, no doubt about it.
      They’re dressy enough to get you in to any club or bar, while at the same time being casual enough to wear with jeans, chinos, and trousers!

      Have a safe trip!

      Cheers, Vegard

  80. hey thanks Vegard. Now I think I have better choices and preferences regarding which type of shoes or jeans to wear or not.its an elegant article and it has definitely helped me lot.And now i think i better buy pair of canvas loafers.
    thank you

    • Hey Abhishek.

      I’m glad I could help you out. Good luck with you new canvas loafers. You’ll look awesome I’m sure!

      Cheers, Vegard

  81. Hi Vegard! Very good article on the best shoes that go well with the best jeans.
    I have a sky blue Gucci loafer with me. What would be the best jeans combination for it. If at all i am going to buy a chino which color would u prefer for the blue loafer.
    Please reply, thanks a lot

    • Hi Ashwin,

      Light blue jeans and grey chinos looks exceptionally good with sky blue shoes.
      If you’d like darker chinos, try navy instead of grey.

      Thanks for the kind words and good luck with you outfit!

      Cheers, Vegard

  82. Hi Vegard. Great ideas Sir. I am 14 years old and I am from Brasil, do you think there is any problem using fashion sneakers instead of loafers because IMO it looks more casual? And my second question is, Does my black leather watch has to match the colour of my brown shoes if I decide to wear them?

    • Hi Luiz Eduardo,

      If you’re aiming for a casual look, feel free to wear fashion sneakers. Their sporty look gives them just what you’re looking for, a causal vibe. Loafers and classic sneaker is for those who want a more smart-casual look.

      You’re black leather strap doesn’t have to match you shoes, but there’s extra style points for you if it does.

      Cheers, Vegard

  83. I am going to try them all. I have a collection of shoes, boots and would try them out.

    I am happy to have got this site, otherwise I was in a thought that my leather shoes were a waste and were just lying around.

    I have tried the boots so far and it was awesome, it went really well just as you described. Now is the time for some shoes to test 🙂

    • Hi Anthony,

      That’s great!

      I’m glad you liked the boots I suggested in this article.
      Good luck with the shoes as well and I’m glad I could help you.

      Cheers, Vegard

  84. Hi Vegard,
    First of all, really nice article you wrote there. I’m 16 so I only need dressy shoes for very few occasions but I would like to own a pair of nicer-looking shoes (I usually wear sneakers low/high tops) that can be worn with black dress pants and also with dark washed jeans. They shouldn’t be too dressy since that just doesn’t seem to fit to a 16 year old but they should be something nice looking that make me stand out when I’m out with friends. I hope you have an answer there! (Prize range should be <150 if possible)

    • Hi Mats,

      Thanks, glad I could help you out.

      A brand of shoes I’ve always thought looked smart is HUB Footwear.

      They have sneakers that are just a bit better looking and cleaner then everything else I’ve seen. With HUB’s you’ll definitively look better than the rest 🙂

      You can check out their sneakers here:

      Pleas let me know if this was of any help.

      Cheers, Vegard

    • Hi Raj.

      That’s a quite tricky question to answer because I would say it depends on what season you are.

      If you’re a winter, I would wear a navy blazer, grey for summer, and brown for spring.

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers, Vegard

  85. Hi vegard !
    I m going to buy a leather boot. I m confused which color it should be to perform versatile role? Let me tell u i oftenly wear deep blueskinny jeans.

  86. Hi,

    I have a question. I wear dark blue jeans with my Woodlands shoes. They’re very comfortable to wear, but you haven’t included such shoes in your article.
    Don’t you recommend wearing them?

    I loved your article.

    • Hi Rajatava,

      I only recommend wearing hiking and running shoes while hiking and running. That’s because they often look very sporty and doesn’t make you look your best.

      When it comes to shoes, I usually practice style before comfort. Meaning that I’m willing to wear shoes that aren’t that comfortable, as long as they look good.
      Just think of uncomfortable women must have it, walking around in high heels all day. They can’t be comfortable.

      You can get Derby shoes that are decently comfortable, like those made by Rockport which has Adidas soles 🙂

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers, Vegard

  87. Hi Vegard, great article. I have a dilemma I will be bicycling around the USA and will only be taking 1 pair of hiking shoes(Merrell Goretex, not boots) with these I will be wearing jeans and jean shorts for everyday use and at night for pubs and restaurants. My question is grey or black. They both look like a heavy duty runner if that helps.
    thanks and I await your reply Greg

    • Hi Greg.

      Thanks. Wow, bicycling around USA, that sounds awesome!

      I understand your dilemma. I would definitively choose black. Black hiking/running shoes usually look less conspicuous and more “normal” than any other colour, making them easier to wear to the pub, restaurants, etc.

      Have a safe trip!

      Cheers, Vegard

  88. Hi Vegard,

    Wonderful blog!

    Could you please suggest, about the shoes that would specifically go with a black jeans?

    Should it be paired with brown Chukka boots or Tassel loafers?

    If none, what kind of shoes would be best pair-up?


    • Hi Tanmeya,

      You can wear both chukkas and tassel loafers with black jeans 🙂

      But I would suggest you wear black or navy coloured shoes rather than brown.

      Brown and black isn’t the best colour combo. Black and black or navy is much better.


  89. Great post! I had some questions, basically what would you recommend as a first time buy or what would your number one pick be for jeans and dress shoes for a casual going out at night, going out during the dayear look. What would you top choice of shoes be, with dark blue jeans and some black jeans for these occasions?

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

      The number one pick is without a doubt dark blue jeans (dressy) and Derby shoes. This look is perfect for smart-casual daytime and nightime occasions.
      It’s always smart to start with black shoes, because they can be worn with any dark jeans and suits.

      Good luck.

      Cheers, Vegard

  90. Hi Vegard! Really nice write up. I want to ask a question.
    I have a brown leather belt that i wear with my blue jeans. I have been wearing yellow and blue puma sneakers with it. Is it ok? Or should i buy some brown casual shoes? And does the shade of my brown belt match with the shade of the brown shoes i will buy? Please reply. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Pranjal!

      Thank you. That’s a great questions. Yes, I would wear brown casual shoes with your brown belt …

      … instead of your yellow and blue puma sneakers.

      With the Puma sneakers, I would have worn a black leather or canvas belt.

      For your brown belt, the colour doesn’t have to match exactly. But the closer you get the better it is.

      You can also check out my article on belt colours and types

      Let me know if there’s anything else.

      Cheers, Vegard

  91. Hi Vegard,

    what a great post! my all-time favorite combination is jeans with loafers – so classy and modern. Actually, I’m about to invest in a pair of Prada loafers, but they seem to have so many different shades… ( If I mostly wear dark wash jeans, what would be the most practical and versatile shoe shade for me?
    I would greatly appreciate your advice!

    • Hi Elijah.

      I’m thrilled you liked it! Loafers and jeans is a really classy smart casual look.

      Regarding the colour and shade, I suggest that you take the colour analysis to find out which season you are.

      Then, it will be easy for me to help you find the best loafer colour for your style.

      As soon as you’ve taken the colour analysis, just add your result as a reply to this comment.

      Cheers, Vegard

  92. Hi Vegard,

    2 questions please what color socks to wear with blue button down ,shirt charcoal grey slacks and brown penny loafers? also what color socks to wear with jeans, navy button down and same brown penny loafers?

    thanks i really appreciate it.

    • Hi Frank,

      When it comes to sock colour …

      … the easiest and best looking option is to choose socks in the same colour as your pants.

      Hope that helped.

      Cheers, Vegard

  93. Hi Vegard,

    this is a great informative articles and it’s made me rethink some of my staple outfits!
    I have a pair of tan brogues, what colour jeans would you recommend looks the best?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Freddy,

      Thanks! Tan shoes always looks good with dark blue jeans (in a rich blue colour). Light blue jeans are also a good option for tan …

      … and if you want a summer look, you can also wear tan with ivory white jeans.

      Cheers, Vegard

      PS: Don’t forget to wear a tan leather belt with your tan shoes.

  94. Hi Vegard,

    I am wondering if black dress shoes work with black skinny jeans. Is that a good combo? Im moving to somewhere new and I need to remove the swag and start with class. Great article by the way

    • Hi Sigmund,

      Thanks, glad I could help. Regarding your question: Black dress shoes with skinny jeans is definitively a good combo.

      Good luck with your move. Cheers, Vegard

  95. Hi Vegard,
    Couple of little questions. Could you give me your opinion on these combinations?

    White jeans, suede tan driving shoe. Or should you only wear shiny tan? Also, can you wear brown belt with white pants, same as shoe colour? Or just black?

    Other one is white jeans with navy driving/boating suede shoes. Would you also wear black belt?

    I was wearing today the white jeans with a white and blue canvas belt, white dunlop volleys (with same colour blue stripes) and a blueish tshirt. Blue canvas bracelet and watch with light tan leather strap. Personally i think it looked great but still new to dressing with pride. Do you think that sounds ok? Im 5’11” and 82kg. Fairly slim, northern italian looks.

    Thanks for all your hard work. It has helped me a lot.

    • Hi Valerio,

      White pants can easily be combined with tan shoes (both suede and shiny). Ideally your pants should be ivory – which is a warm white – but pure white will do 😉

      If you wear the same colour belt as your shoes, you’re always okay. It’s only when you don’t have a matching colour belt that you should wear black belts. You can read more about belts in this belts for men article I wrote.

      Your last outfit sounds like an awesome spring and summer outfit, definitively something I would wear myself!

      Cheers, Vegard

  96. Hi Vegard,

    Great article it was very helpful an is just the information I was looking for. I have question though with regard to going out in the evening. I live in Las Vegas an do a lot of business meetings in the afternoon. I have challenge at least I thanks so. I’m 5’8 and 160 lbs and balding but keep very short. With that being said I would like to wear a nice pair of jeans, button up shirt and loafer but I aways feel I’m to short to pull off the this look? So I will typically end up wearing a naive pair of jeans, rober graham in-tucked or similar and pair of chukkas, but this is getting old.


    • Hi Brent,

      I’ve got good news for you. You can definitively wear jeans and loafers. However, keep the footwear in the same colour as your pants (dark jeans = navy blue loafers).

      There’s two other important things you need to do to avoid looking short as well:
      1: Wear pants with just the slightest break. Too much pants fabric resting on your shoes will make your legs seem short.

      2: Shirts that contrast with your pants cuts you in half …

      … while shirts that blends with your pants (dark shirts with dark pants) makes you look taller 😉

      Hope these tip helps (let me know if there’s anything else).

      Cheers, Vegard

  97. Hi,
    Thank You very much for the article but I have a question I have black double monk strap shoes can I wear them with a pair of medium wash blue jeans.?

    • Hi Kirat,

      Yes, black shoes goes with most pants (and definitively medium washed jeans).

      If your jeans are tapered that’s a bonus, as monks tend to snag straight cut jeans (making them fall unnaturally on your shoes).

      Cheers, Vegard

  98. Vegard, Do you think that a combination of Polo T-shirt, blue Jeans and brown loafers look good. Also, Should the Polo T-shirt be tucked in with this combination?

  99. Nice write! I’m a female, but want to buy my husband some classic Chukkas. He gets all fashion advice from yours truly, and sometimes I’m not sure how to wear certain things….because I’m not a man! Thanks for the great info!!

    • Hi Jen,

      I’m glad I could help. I bet he’ll look great in chukkas!

      Let me know if there’s anything you need help with.

      Cheers, Vegard

  100. Hello,

    I just googled what sneaks to wear with jeans and found your excellent article. thank you for that. I just bought some Blue Adidas EQT Tokyo edition to wear on my 10 hour flight with some jeans or maybe Jogger style pants, but when I received them the fit very bulky an being 5.9″ I have to pay attention to all the measurements top to bottom. I was thinking of sending them back and either get a smaller size, or maybe go for the classic Stan smith white that I originally wanted to get and my wife talked me out of it. please give me your advice and maybe what top to wear, maybe a hoodie or just a casual jean shirt.

    thank you

    • Hi Imad,

      When flying it’s all about comfort, so sneakers and jogger pants or jeans (or chinos?) sounds spot on.

      I always like to wear something that I can take off if it gets hot on the flight. Therefore, a hoodie or cardigan is always what I choose.

      Safe trip 🙂

      Cheers, Vegard

  101. Hi,
    Thanks for the very well written and useful article. These days there are much more colors and washes of jeans than just black and denim. Many shades of gray ( not 50, but still), taupe and even white. It always seemed to me that shiny black shoes and jeans look overdressed for out-of-office daytime use or weekend during the day.
    So, my question is : how different type of upper leather (burned leather, canvas/leather combination, matte leather etc) will affect their use and matching ?

    • Hi Victor,

      A rule of thumb is that the shoe and trouser material should have roughly the same texture. Meaning that patent leather shoes would look off with denim, while canvas would look really at home.

      I like wearing polished shoes with solid colours jeans, but I know those who don’t (and avoid it by not buffing their leather shoes after applying wax, leaving them matte).

      With that said …

      … grained leather, burned leather, suede, brogueing, oiled leather, and canvas all have textures that combines very well with the rough look of jeans and denim.

      The rougher the jeans the rougher and less dressy the shoes should look.

      Hope this helps and I’m glad you found my article useful.

      Cheers, Vegard

  102. Hi Vegard,

    Thank you for the informative pages. I really liked it since its very well written.

    Although, I have a few things I need to tell you about me. I am a 172 cms tall, 125 pounds weighing 24 year old student from India (currently in Germany). Due to my very slim physique I always end up in trouble as to what (fit of) jeans, (type of) shoes, jackets or shirts/t-shirts to buy. I am very thin legs.

    Considering all this, can you tailor certain suggestions for me for guiding me on my style and shopping.

    Cheers 😉

    • Hi Praveen,

      Since they are navy, you can wear them with all jeans colours in your season.
      The best jeans colours for each season are:

      Winter: black, dark blue, white
      Summer: dark blue, grey, soft white
      Spring: dark blue, grey, ivory
      Autumn: dark blue

      You can find your season with this Colour Analysis Tool

      Let me know if you run into any snags. Cheers, Vegard

  103. I wanna know what is a good sneaker to wear. I wear gray/red university t shirts long sleeve and short along with a few button downs with my dark black/blue jeans. Should I just look at dark colored nikes I’m really lost I don’t get ANY of this stuff. Any help is very appreciated.

    • Hi Billy.

      From what I can grasp, you mainly wear cool winter colours (reds, grey, and blacks) and that fine.

      If you’re a winter, shoes in pure white, black, navy, and red are sure bets and will fit in with everything you wear.

      Cheers, Vegard

  104. This is probably one of the best articles I’ve read for awhile. I’m conflicted whether to buy a burgundy sneakers or dark brown leather sneakers (New Balance 996). I’m aiming more on the dark brown shoe, but I want it for a more semi-casual settings. How should I pull this off?

    Thank you for replying to all comments I see below. Really shows how much you care about what you have written!!

    • Hi Chris, thanks for the kind words.

      Brown is really easy to pull of wearing as it’s regarded as a neutral colour.
      Dark blue jeans, grey jeans, and chinos in khaki and browns are all good semi casual pants colours (stay away from black and cool greys).

      Let me know if there’s anything else 🙂 Cheers, Vegard

  105. Hi,

    I am actually confused about two types of shoes.
    Classic grey sneakers vs brown boots (not desert boots)
    with dark blue raw denim!
    Which one do you suggest me for something casual + hot? 😛

    • Hi Bunny. That’s a tough one …
      … but here’s what I think.

      Boots are great for when it’s cold and wet outside and gives you a rough hot look (think Orlando Bloom)
      Sneakers are best for warm dry weather and gives you a fresh young vibe (think rock, pop, and rap artists)

      As for the colours, grey is best for summer and winter men …
      … brown is best for autumn and spring men.

      Find your season here.

      Cheers, Vegard

  106. Hello there.

    I was wondering if “The City” black shoes are acceptable to wear with a charcoal grey suit in the investment banking business?
    Are there better AE options?


    • Hello Austin,

      It depends. If your clients and office is very conservative, open lacing shoes with burgeoning is never a good option (as they can be too “casual”).
      If that’s the case, toe cap oxfords is almost always preferred as they have established themselves as the ultimate conservative business footwear.

      Cheers, Vegard

  107. I need your help…. could you please tell me if Dr Martens are still in style and are okay to wear with jeans??? I have been told I shouldn’t be wearing them anymore but I love their shoes… also, if they are still in style, is there a type of Doc Marten shoe that is still okay to wear with jeans??? I recently bought a pair of Josef Seibel’s shoes (loafers) to wear with jeans. , any comment on those shoes?? Thank you so much for your help! Eddie

    • Hi Eddie,

      What you’ve heard about Dr. Martens shoes is pretty much accurate. They’re not for the average man in the street, and even though they are open lacing shoes, they are too brutal to wear as part of a smart casual outfit.

      Regarding your Seibel’s loafers, if they look similar to the ones pictured in the article they’re fine 🙂

      Cheers, Vegard

  108. Hi, I recently bought a pair of black oxfords (link below) however they don’t look as formal as you say they should be. I bought them to be more of casual dress shoe. They come off more like derby shoes I think. Regardless, what would be the best type or types of pants to wear with these? Thanks.

  109. Confused – You say “By the way, only wear brown shoes with blue jeans” Then below that you say “Unlike brown shoes, though, black shoes can be worn with BOTH blue and black jeans.”

    Sounds like you wear what ever you want!

    • Hi Phil,

      I understand how that can confuse.

      Here’s another way to see it:
      If you’re wearing brown shoes, you shouldn’t wear black jeans, only blue ones.

      But if you’re wearing black shoes, you could wear either black or blue jeans.

      In other words:
      Brown shoes looks good with blue jeans only …
      … black shoes looks good with both blue and black jeans.

      Hope this made things clearer.

      Cheers, Vegard

  110. I have the standard issue dress shoes for suit/dress pant affairs (black open lace toe cap Bally and black tassel loafers Santoni)…I drop names b/c I don’t expect them to wear out any time soon. My wife got me a pair of (yett another) black box toe (not sure the proper term) loafers.

    Assuming these will be primarily worn in the office with every-day BLUE jeans (Denver is very casual), I gravitate toward a tan shoe. Do your agree with my color/shoe choice understanding I don’t like burgundy at all. A dark (chocolate) brown is appealing as well.

    Specific shoes with the specific colors would be appreciated. Bonus points if you can recommend wide (EE or EEE) with a comfortable sole made for walking 1/2 +/- mile per day.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

  111. Im going with the Dr. Martens Anthony in Hazelnut to go with my Levis 501 in 18 months green color!! Doc n Levis!! Dont get much better!!!

  112. I have close to black jeans and brown shoes that i want to wear with burgundy jumper with shirt underneath.

    I have seen that people are saying black jeans and brown shoes shouldn’t mix is this correct?

    • Hi James,

      Yes, what you’ve seen is correct. Brown and black isn’t the best combo (although black jeans and a burgundy top is).

      If you have the choice, try to wear black, navy, or cordovan shoes instead of brown ones. They all look great with black pants.

      Cheers, Vegard

  113. Hi Vegard,

    I wanted to know what brands make good dark wash jeans (with non-raw denim) as you suggest? I have larger thighs and need the thigh measurement to be at least 12.5″ All that’s been suggested to me so far are Levi’s 541 and Uniqlo straights. Also, I’d prefer jeans that keep their color as long as possible, since all denim eventually fades. Thank you.

    • Hi Fahd,

      Recommending jeans can be tricky, but if you have been suggested the 541 from Levi’s that seems to me like a good place for you to start.

      Levi’s are easy to get (all over the world) and is a know brand which probably have several helpful customer reviews, like these ones.

      Cheers, Vegard

  114. I am in middle school and we have a field trip to downtown Austin and I don’t know what to wear because I can never match shoes with jeans. My teacher told me to dress in layers and to wear walking shoes. What do I do?!?!?

    • Hi Naya,

      If I where you I would have worn my most comfortable shoes (preferably boots, but some wear sneakers) and jeans or chinos.

      Dressing in layer simply mean to wear a t-shirt (or button front shirt) a sweater, and a jacket.

      That way you can remove or add layers depending on the weather (rain or sun, cold or warm)
      and when you transition between being indoors and outdoors.

      Have a nice trip.

      Cheers, Vegard

  115. Well I haven’t been a fashion conscious fellow but
    I shouldn’t be left out either.

    Now my question is:
    Have I been on the totally wrong side of
    fashion in wearing jeans with Fila sports shoes?

    • Hi Riang’a,

      When it comes to fashion you can rarely be wrong, and there is a trend called Active Wear, which focuses on wearing more sporty clothes.

      If you’re aiming to look smart casual and more timeless, I would say that sporty apparel – like sport shoes – is not your best choice.

      So it all comes down to how you define your style. If it’s leaning towards smart-casual and timeless, you’re best of with the shoes in this article rather than more sporty sneakers.

      Cheers, Vegard

    • Hi Puru, that’s great!

      I would say that dark brown shoes can be worn to dressy and casual occasions …
      … while tan shoes should only be worn to casual occasions.

      So if it’s your first pair, dark brown ones will probably get you the most bang-for-your-bucks 😉

      Cheers, Vegard

  116. Hi,
    I recently purchased black coloured Derby shoes …
    I don’t know what type and colours of jeans that can be matched with them.

    Can you guide me on this?

    • Hi Uzayr.

      Black derbies are best matched with black and dark blue jeans …
      … but light coloured and grey jeans also looks good with them.

      Cheers, Vegard

  117. Hello, can you help me?

    I have a pair of tan Bacca Bucci boots and I don’t know what outfit that will be the best to wear with them.

    • Hello Monish,

      With boots I generally choose jeans or chinos and a v-neck sweater with or without a tucked shirt underneath and don’t forget a jacket if its cold 😉

      I usually suggest dark blue jeans with tan boots; or mahogany, teal blue, chocolate brown, or forrest green chinos.

      For your sweater and shirt, you need to find a colour that blends nicely with your face.

      Hope this helps. Cheers, Vegard

  118. Nice Article Vegard,

    I just bought a pair of John Varvatos Sid Brogue Wing Oxford in Smoke color.

    The only pairing i could think of is a slim black Jeans (a little distressed) or a dark blue dry jeans.

    Could you please suggest any other pairings?


    • Hi Max, thanks.

      Black and dark blue are excellent choices as they go well with grey.

      Other pants colour options are washed denims (light grey)
      and rose-brown, burgundy, blue-red, and dark greens with cold undertones (such as spruce green and pine green).

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers, Vegard

  119. I’ve gone shoe crazy the last month. Bought a pair of black AE Lexingtons for my first nice pair of shoes and a pair of Cole Hans double strap Monks.

    I just ordered a pair of AE bourbon color McAllisters but thinking of getting some Strands instead.

    I was hoping to wear these with a suit and nice jeans but maybe not after reading your article. What shoe would you recommend for business dress, maybe a navy suit, and nice dress jeans? Kind of a go to shoe for most days.

    Thanks and I enjoyed the article.

    • Hi Eric, thank you.

      You’ve got great taste in shoes and all the shoes looks great!

      If I would have to pick one of the three pairs, I would pick the black Allen Edmond derbies to wear with my navy business suit, they’d look great together.

      Regarding the McAllister’s and the Strand’s, their brogueing makes them more ideal for out-of-office occasions, and with jeans, chinos, and trousers rather than a suit.

      Their both real classics, but the Strand’s are a bit more conservative looking.


  120. Hello,

    I’m going to Newcastle for New Year’s Eve
    and I’m unsure of which checked- or coloured shirt and jeans will go with my dark tone Derby shoes?

  121. Where can I get nice jeans of good quality with W32-34 L28-29?

    I think there’s a discrimination from major maker against short guys like me.

    Ahh, you can say do alterations, but I’v tried it and wasted no less than $1k on jeans which I’ve had to toss because they didn’t look the same.

    Please heeeeeeelp.

    • Hi Rafelo,

      Living in Europe I’ve bought jeans from Weekdays and they do have your size.

      They don’t ship to the US …

      … so if anyone from the states have a suggestion of where to buy jeans like this there, please let me know in the comment field.

      Cheers, Vegard

  122. Hi,

    I have a New Year’s Eve restaurant party to go to. I’m thinking of wearing, a black leather jacket, a light blue shirt, and a shawl collared jumper with dark jeans.

    I’m struggling to decide what shoes and boots to pick, or if I can get away with wearing trainers.

    • Hi William,

      For a restaurant party, black derbies are ideal. They look dressy without being formal and pairs perfectly with jeans.

      I would reserver sneakers for a party not set on New Year’s Eve, when everyones dressed.

      Happy holidays.

      Cheers, Vegard

  123. I’m looking at full brogue boots.

    Little apprehensive since I’m a big guy.

    Great article the most informative I have read so far.

    Thank you

  124. Hi, I’m trying to buy shoes for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what would be best. He usually just wears jeans and a t-shirt and boat shoes. What would you recommend as an alternative to the boat shoes?


    • Hi Daria, that’s a great idea.

      The first options that comes to my mind are:
      – Leather loafers – same style but more dressy than boat shoes)
      – Brown derbies – great everyday shoes that are not as comfortable as boat shoes but more dressy.
      – Black or brown Chelsea boots – great to wear on rainy days and just as comfortable as boat shoes.

      Let me know what you decided on.


  125. Hi,

    I am interested buying black derby shoes just as like your recommendation above.

    Would you help me finding the right shoes?
    How about Fendi casual Derby shoes?

    I really need your help. Thanks.

    • Hi Mikhael,

      Thank you, the Fendi shoes looks cool.

      But they are not ideal if they are your first pair of dress shoes.

      That’s because the solid rubber sole and heavy welt seam around the shoes make them rather casual and can make them hard to wear with a suit.

      The Derby shoes in this article are from Barker.

      Cheers, Vegard

  126. What an article! Very helpful …

    Hi Vegard,

    I’m wondering if wearing t-shirt with dark colored denims and dark derbies would look great?
    Or should I go for Louis Vuitton sneakers instead?

    I’m more of a casual rather than dressy man, but after reading this article I have started to like derbies.

  127. This helped me very much, but what about tan jeans?

    Also, would it be okay to wear skate shoes such as Nike Portmore’s?

    • Hi Matt, I’m glad to hear that.

      I’ve never seen them before, but I love the Nike Portmore shoes!

      Have you considered chinos instead of jeans?

      I think chinos will look better in tan than denims.

      Cheers, Vegard

  128. Hi,

    I’m a working guy but from now on I want to look good for parties and casual events, especially around girls.

  129. I was looking at some lighter colored denim and liked the look, but I was wondering what kind of shoes you would recommend?

    Also, what kinds and colors of shirts do you think would look good?

    • Hi a,

      Good question.

      For lighter jeans I would usually just wear my black derbies or sneakers …
      … however brown derbies and brogues are also a good match.

      Also, I usually just wear a blue or white shirt with jeans.


    • Hi Keith,

      The brown boots are from Red Wing, they are called Blacksmith. The black boots are my Norwegian M77 military boots from when I served in the navy.

  130. Hi,

    Dark Blue or black blazer and a white shirt or V-neck T-shirt …

    … what kind of jeans and shoes could go with this?

  131. Hello, loved this article of yours!

    Can you help me out with canvas loafers for everyday look?

    As the weather is always humid where I live, I feel that wearing them as my everyday college look is my best option.

    I’m a skinny guy, so I’d like to ask you what kind of trouser fit that would go well with canvas loafers? It’d be great if You can suggest a color-combinations as well.

    Thanks a lot! 😀

    • Hi Sumedh,

      For your situation, canvas loafers is absolutely perfect!

      Since you’ll be wearing them with jeans, navy and black are the first colours that comes to my mind. However, red, green, white, and lighter shades of blue are good loafer alternatives.

      Regardless, darker coloured jeans in a skinny fit sounds like the thing for you, that’s what I would wear if I were you 🙂


  132. A very informative article.

    I would like your opinion on following:
    I am planning this attire – sky blue shirt with dark denim and paired with grey tuxedo so will the loafer look good on it?

    If yes, which colour?

    • Hi Raj,

      Loafers would look good with jeans and a formal outfit.

      However, I can’t recommend mixing denims, chinos, or slacks with a tuxedo jacket.

      This is because for formal outfits (suits, tuxedos, etc.), the top and bottom garment should be made of the same identical fabric.

      I would have swapped out the tux jacket with a grey sports coat (blazer) and worn Cordovan coloured loafers — which usually looks good with grey and sky blue 🙂

      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Vedant,

      It depends which direction you want to take it.

      Usually when wearing nothing more than a fitted t-shirt, I choose low-top sneakers (blue or black).

      You can also wear black derbies (perfect club-shoes) but they might look a bit too “stiff” for the t-shirt look.

      If derbies is your choice, you can wear an untucked dress shirt with its sleeves rolled up instead of a tee.


  133. Hi Vegard,

    Great info and have already gone through it twice. I am all set to get a pair of Vans authentic for summers.
    Also, I’ll be travelling to California (SFO, LA etc) in December (first time, so not sure of the weather) and am wondering what shoes to wear with dark blue jeans in such weather. It will be mostly a casual affair.

    Any advice for a man in 30s?

    Thanks a ton!

    • Hi Traveller,

      Great choice and I’m sure you’re going to have a great trip 🙂

      If I where you, I would definitively wear something that’s comfortable to walk in and neither too warm nor too cold.

      When you said casual occasions and dark jeans …

      … the first thing that came to my mind, where brown desert boots.

      Desert boots look smart-casual and won’t disappoint you (for extra comfort make sure to get inlay soles)!


  134. Hey! great article, I simply loved it! However, I still have one doubt, I would like to know if wearing black jeans with a blue t-shirt or a dark-blue denim shirt could go with a couple of (also dark)blue sneakers, and if not, then what would you specifically recommend?

  135. Well written article, lots of useful information.

    I do have one question though. I really want to get a pair of tan wingtip boots (think like the Sealls2 from Ted Baker). I was wondering what I could wear them with in the fall and winter?


    • Hi Mike, I’m glad it was useful to you.

      When you mention tan wingtip boots, I immediately think of chinos and pressed trousers (not dress pants).

      The best pants colours to go with tan is usually, earthy colours.

      Since it’s for the fall and winter …

      … I would personally narrow the colours down to warm greys, golden browns, and rust colours.

      Hope this helps.


  136. Informative article.

    Dont really need to ask any questions as the answer I was looking for is given. Comments and questions by others also added value.


  137. Very helpful article, have been thinking of getting some smarter shoes for a while (usually wear timberland 6 inch boots with jeans) i am definetly going to try some brogue derbies in a tan colour with some darker taperd jeans, you’re article helped me figure out what shoes not to wear with jeans and the differences between derbies brogues and oxfords. I live in northampton uk aka shoetown, so i will have a look around the factory shops tommorow (trickers, barkers,loakes etc.

    • Hi Paul, glad I could help you.

      Sounds like you got what you came here for, and some 😉 That’s great!

      Good luck with your shoe hunt.


  138. Highly informative article – thank you. Recently bought a pair of chocolate brown Chelsea boots. Any suggestions as to what to wear with these?

    • Hi Phil,

      Thank you. Excellent choice of footwear.

      Chocolate brown goes with basically any darker colours like, green, red, blue, and yellow.

      But avoid black and dark blue (navy).

      Hope this helps.


  139. Ok this is a very well written article but my question is in regards to sneakers (canvas shoes). I wear between a 12.5 to 13 that needs to be wide width also. What is your recommendations because the brands you have listed don’t come in wide width, for us bigger foot guy’s. What is your advice?

    • Hi Ryan,
      Personally, I would’ve Googled something like “extra wide men’s sneakers”…

      … and opted for a pair that looks classic.

      Don’t think brand or price when shopping, but rather comfort, looks, and quality 🙂

    • Hey Martin,
      Congrats, the West Haven Boots are awesome.

      The perforation and the cap toe, in addition to that they are brown (very nice) and open lacing …

      … makes them ideal for both dark and light jeans!

  140. A really nice article…

    I have a question for you. I am a 22 year old medical student. So I like to wear something which is niether to formal nor too casual. I prefer a plain coloured casual or formal shirt along with plain dark coloured denim. What I cannot figure out is what shoes should I go for. Please kindly suggest me the type of shoes along with the colour.

    Ps – I HATE brogues and cap toes.

    • Thanks Mannu.

      Brogues and cap-toe shoes, aren’t everyones cup of tea.

      If I where you, I would have worn either classic sneakers, leather loafers, derbies, or monkstraps.

      Good luck with your studies!

      PS: A tip is to check our what your fellow students are wearing and choose a shoe from my list that approximates your class average.
      That way, you’ll be stylish without standing out too much.

  141. Nice article.

    I was wondering if I could pull off wearing a dress shirt and tie with dark denims, and black bluchers or brown wingtips?

    I was also thinking about wearing with a blazer, or some sort of sweater with that combo. I like the feel and casual look of denim, so I’m trying to avoid wearing slacks, but at the same time trying to look a little dressier than just a button up shirt.

    Could I do it?

    • Hi Eli, thank you.

      Yes, you can definitively wear this. Both black and brown leather shoes coordinate with dark (not black) denims, so the choice is up to you.

      Blazers or cardigans sounds like just the thing for you!

      A navy blue blazer with brown buttons looks super good over a shirt, so does a cardigan …

      … which is also great for days with fluctuating temperatures, since you can take it off and carry it over your arm.


  142. Hi there,

    I have a pair of dark indigo tapered jeans and I’m planning on hitting the town on a night out, and thinking of pairing them with a pair of jet black Adidas Porsche design shoes.

    Do you think this will work with a nice shirt ?

    • Hi John,

      Black sneakers is always a winner on a night out, as long as it isn’t a date, or involves fancy dining.

      Adidas Porsche design sneakers in black, dark tapered jeans, and a nice shirts also sound like a very good combo.

      Have fun!


  143. Hello sir.

    Should I buy black canvas slip-ons from Fila, or Puma Civilian SL sneakers?

    I already white lace-up sneakers which I purchased from ASOS.

    • Hello Indresh, that really depends.

      I think canvas slip-ons can be more casual than lace-up canvas sneakers.

      In other words, I find that I can wear lace-up sneakers to more occasions than canvas slip-ons.

      A pair of dark lace-up sneakers is also the perfect addition to white lace-ups …

      … since white shoes look best worn during daytime (before 6 PM) and dark shoes looks best at nighttime.


  144. Hey,

    I wear jeans and a T-shirt to work (half office and half hands on/manual labour) and I’m tired of running shoes.

    What is a fairly casual shoes that won’t get me ridiculed by “the guys”.


    • Hey Jack,

      Ahh, there are several good options to running shoes.

      If you still want to stick with sneakers (I would) …

      … then, any type of low-top dark canvas sneaker from Puma, Adidas or Vans, is great.

      They handles the transition between office and “the floor” excellently, can be washed, and are almost as comfortable as running shoes.

      I would love to hear what shoes you decide on.


  145. I’m from a part of the country that’s covered in snow for about 4 months out of the year.

    Are there any warmer boots that you would recommend wearing with jeans?

    • Hi Jim, same situation here.

      Unfortunately I have very little experience with lined winter boots.

      I have found that if I would like to look smart-casual and have warm feet during the winter,
      I can’t rely on my boots alone.

      For all my winter boots (Chelsea, dress boots, and casual boots) I always add an extra inlay sole of pure wool.

      I also make sure to wear thin wool socks. This combo usually does the trick.


  146. I knew I had to find an article like this when I stepped out in blue jeans with Jordan’s on ( eeep! I know 🙁 )

    This is due to my lack of shoes but I’ll probably be updating my shoe closet soon.

    Really well written article, great advice for someone like me who doesn’t really wear jeans often.

    I’ll probably end up bookmarking to refer to it when I’m shopping for new shoes.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for the kind words. Sorry for being so direct regarding technical trainers.

      Good luck with your shoe shopping, and if there’s anything else, just ask 🙂


    • Hi Akarsh,

      First, regarding socks, the sockless look is usually best for loafers …

      … that’s of course unless you’re attending a formal occasion.

      As for what to wear with grey loafers, most neutral coloured slacks (not black or grey) will do, like:

      • Burgundy
      • Navy
      • Dark green
      • Khaki (daytime)
      • Beige (daytime)
      • Dark jeans
      • Light jeans (daytime)


  147. Great article!

    A quick question, though – I’ll be studying in London next semester (originally from Oklahoma), will primarily be wearing dark denim and khaki chino pants, and want to replace an old pair of Clark’s Norse Tips that I’ve worn religiously since high school.

    I’ve tried different sizes of DBs but none seem to fit right.

    Any suggestions regarding DBs or alternatives?
    Additionally, they recommend a pair of “clubbing shoes” – no boots, no sneakers, and dark in color. Any recommendations that front?

    Again, thanks for the awesome material!

    • Hi David, it’s great that you liked the article.

      Congrats with studying in London, I think you’ll love it!

      I’m not sure what you mean by DBs, can you explain?

      For clubbing shoes, I usually wear black Derbies.
      They will stand up to any dress code, they go with dark jeans, chinos, and dress pants, and look smart-casual and stylish.


  148. Wonderful article.

    I have a question though, what colour Derby shoe would look great on both jeans and formal trousers?

    The jeans would be dark blue and the trousers would be black.


    • Hi Rick and thank you.

      If you had said that you wanted Derbies to wear with dark jeans and NAVY dress pants, you would have had the option of choosing between both black and brown Derbies.

      However, since brown looks best with navy, grey, and lighter coloured dress pants — like khaki and tan rather than black — I say drop brown and choose black instead.

      Black is just as versatile and can be used with all sorts of jeans, and black, navy, and grey dress pants.

      Good luck and if you can keep me updated, because I would love to hear how your shoe hunt goes.

      Cheers, Vegard

  149. Vegard,

    Your fashion material is very interesting, detailed and helpful, even to a guy in his 50s. I have been updating my wardrobe and trying to increase my fashion sense – which may or may not be undermined by my determination to bring back fedoras(!).

    Anyway I really like the boot/shoe discussion here. I am surprised you did not mention cowboy boots or similar boots – I like wearing a pair of brown Abilene cowboy boots – these are very plain – with black boot-type Wranglers – these seem to go with anything including a sport jacket sometimes.

    But I like desert boots which brings up my one question – why are they so insanely expensive? Sometimes they range up to $300 and this seems ridiculous, especially if they are not Red Wings which are hand made in the US. I found a pair of Nunn Bush desert boots under $70 at but am worried about buying them. My last pair were about that price and the soles wore off in just 6-7 months! The soles were hollow – I think that is the issue in a lot of mid range shoes.

  150. This is an amazing page 🙂 I’m so happy I found it. So, quick question: will Blucher shoes work with jeans with tapered legs? 🙂


  151. Thanks, I plan to wear a black tapered Jean with a black Versace small studded slip on with monk type strap and buckle…will it work?

    • Hi Paul,

      I’ve never worn studded shoes myself, but I know that the famous snooker player, Judd Trump does and they look great!

      You can almost never go wrong with black tapered jeans, so I say go for it.

      If I was to wear them myself, it would probably be to a party, a club, or some other smart casual event.

      Let me know how it goes 🙂


  152. Sir,thanks for the article..i want to start over and rebuild my wardrobe….can u please suggest what I should buy….i want to try every thing….i need to know from where should I start and what should I choose…which colours would be attractive…etc…and any other tips for accessories…please help me sir….

    • Hi Rajesh,

      I’m so glad you’ve decided to take the next step towards becoming a better and sexier man.

      In my free e-book “Get a Style That Works” you’ll find answers to all the questions you’ve asked here.

      – How to build your first wardrobe is covered in chapter 4
      – Finding the colours that makes you look your most attractive is covered in chapter 3
      – Which accessories to get and how to use them is covered in chapter 12

      The e-book offers plenty of other advice and tips on how to buy a suit, which shoes you should start with, how to get the most out of your clothes and much, much more …


    • Hi Joe,

      Dark blue jeans will always look great with tan/brown shoes and a blue blazer.

      When it comes to the purple shirt …

      … to make it match the tan shoes (and belt) choose a purple colour with yellow undertones.

      Avoid a cool purple with blue undertones – as this looks best with darker shoes and belts and not tan/brown.

      Hope this helps.


  153. Good info here. I was wondering if chukkas, bucks, and boat shoes work well with plain one color t-shirts, or do I need a button up?

    • Hi Josh,

      Thanks and I’m glad you asked.

      One colour t-shirts – especially v-neck’s – are sexy and laid-back. They are great together with jeans and shoes like chukkas, bucks (derbies), and boatshoes.

      As for everyday- and business attire, I always feel a bit underdressed if I’m only wearing a t-shirt.
      For those occasions I generally swap it out with a button up, a polo shirt, or I wear something (like a cardigan or blazer) over the t-shirt.


  154. Great article! I definitely like the sneakers and jeans look and I’ll soon be trying the boots and jeans combination, one question though, on the first picture of the boots section, a brown hiking boot is pictured, any idea where I can get it or what model and brand they are?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Javier,
      I’m thrilled to hear that you liked it. Thanks for the kind words!
      Yup the sneakers and jeans combo is awesome, and boots are like made to be worn with jeans 🙂

      The brown hiking boots are my own Red Wing Blacksmith boots.
      They are SUPER comfortable and they got even more comfortable once I inserted a woollen sole into them (for warmth) and got my shoemaker to glue on a rubber sole with extra grip (for icy and snowy conditions).

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you 🙂


  155. I have actually purchased 3 pairs of boots. I have never owned boots previously (due to the calf constraints). But now that I have lost the weight, I am able to enjoy most boots. I did get a pair of grey (fake) Uggs. I also purchased a grey/brown knee boot. And some grey/purple plaid short boots.I am in love with flat boots, which I feel really hit it big this year.