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Today I want to mention one of my favourite movies:

“Back to the Future”.

One thing from this movie that especially stands out in my memory is the diner, Lou’s Café.

To this day, I still wish the town I grew up in had an awesome diner like that.

Everything about Lou’s Café just looked so solid and thought-through.

Its brand was amazing, and you could really see yourself enjoying a milkshake or burger there.

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Movies and You

That’s the thing with movie productions:

They use sounds, props, and colours to create the right feel and atmosphere.

They want you to feel like you’re actually in the scenes.

The great thing about branding is that it’s not only for multimillion-dollar film productions.

You too can use branding to your advantage.

Just think of those new shoes you bought. They’re part of your brand. You bought them to improve the way others see you.

It’s the same with colours. If you wear red, off-white, and black, you give off a completely different signal than if you wear green, beige, and navy.

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