Pullover Over Shirt: Things Successful People Do, Part #3


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I like to exercise in the morning before going to the office.

A good workout kick-starts my day and gives me energy and focus.

One drawback with this is:

It makes it a hassle to wear a shirt to the office.

You see, I can never hang my shirt in a gym locker without it becoming all creased and wrinkly.

Of course, I could just settle for a polo shirt or a pullover.

But the thing is:

I think nothing quite beats the stylishness of a man in a quality dress shirt.

Here’s My Effective Solution

Whenever I wear a shirt and work out before heading to the office, I wear a matching pullover over my dress shirt.

That way, only the collar and cuffs are visible. Leaving any creases on the back or front of my dress shirt out of sight.

Of course, you can use a pullover to disguise a wrinkly shirt on other occasions too, such as:

  • If you’re in a hurry and have no time to iron
  • When travelling long distances
  • If you don’t have access to an iron at all

To find a pullover that goes with your shirt, follow the colour-matching techniques I teach in my e-book “How to Match Clothes“.

The book shows you how to find a matching shirt and pullover in three simple steps. Get it here and learn instantly.

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