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Recently, I helped a friend fix up an apartment that was going up for auction.

All the walls in the apartment were white and needed a new coat of paint in order to get the highest bids (see image below).

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I’m not experienced at painting, so you might wonder how I helped.

Well, it turns out that the same principles you and I use to match colours and create great-looking outfits …

… can also be used when decorating.

Here’s an Example

In my e-book “How to Match Clothes“, I define cool and warm colours, and explain why they should never be mixed in an outfit.

The same rule applies to interior design as well.

As for the walls in the apartment, we quickly decided that they should be some sort of light grey.

But what kind of grey? Warm or cool?

The floor in the apartment was a light brown oak, which has a golden undertone.

Since the floor was a warm colour, it made sense to choose a warm colour for the walls as well.

We chose a warm grey, Washed Linen, instead of a cool one, and the result was far better than expected.

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The thing is:

The matching techniques in “How to Match Clothes” can be applied anytime choosing colours is of the essence:

  • Picking shades for a car’s exterior and interior
  • Deciding on a colour scheme for a tattoo
  • Choosing furniture
  • And more

Now, if you want to learn how to match colours like a boss in three simple steps, check out my e-book “How to Match Clothes”.

Get it here and learn instantly.

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