How I Match an Outfit to My Shoes


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Years ago, I found some awesome yellow-green sneakers on sale.

Even though I really wanted them, I had to pass them up.

Why? I didn’t have a clue as to how to match them with any of my outfits.


Today, the situation is different. Now I can confidently pick clothing and accessory colours.

In this email, I’ll show you how I do it too.

When the Squint Test Isn’t Enough

In my last email, you learned about the squint test.

It’s a super tip to follow when you know what colours you want to wear. You can quickly double-check that your shoes match your outfit.

But what if you’re uncertain of which colours to match with your shoes?

Then you need a foolproof way of picking colours.

How I Decide Which Colours to Wear

Today, I use colour schemes to pick matching colours.

By plotting the yellow-green colour of those sneakers on a colour wheel, I can find out which colours would have matched them.

This is how yellow-green fits into each of the three main colour schemes:

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As you can see, once you know which colours to use in your outfit, dressing suddenly becomes much easier.

All you have to do now is find clothes in the right colours.

Here are examples of outfits I created according to the three colour schemes:

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Putting It in Action

Right now, you might wonder, “How do I match an outfit?”

The secret is in the three matching steps:

  1. Colour temperature
  2. Colour state
  3. Colour scheme

I recently published an e-book about colour-matching. If you want to start learning how to match clothes like a boss in three simple steps, check out my e-book here.

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