Four Eyes are 10X Better than Two


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Recently I’ve been hanging out at YouTube Space Berlin, making some new videos.

You’ll be notified when I release them, so keep an eye out for that email.

Anyways …

A cool thing about the YouTube Space in Berlin is that a production assistant is on hand the entire time you’re there.

Being a professional style coach and not a professional video producer, I always seem to forget something when I shoot my videos.

If it’s not forgetting to adjust the white balance, it’s turning on the microphone or replacing the memory card.

Having an Extra Set of Eyes with Me Is Pure Gold

Joshua, the production assistant, constantly detected things I’d overseen so that I could correct them before any time was lost or damage was done.

It’s easy to say that four eyes are 10 times better than two.

The cool thing is that this is often the case when buying clothes too.

Many of my friends have gone home with a bag of new clothes, only to realise after closer inspection that:

  • The fit wasn’t as good as they thought it was.
  • The fabric was cheaper than expected.
  • The colour looked different in the shop.

You can prevent this from happening again by taking a stylish friend with you the next time you’re shopping.

Also, if you want to increase your skills at finding and matching clothes, check out my e-book “How to Match Clothes“.

It teaches you what you need to create handsome outfits in three simple steps. Get it here and learn instantly.

Vegard @ Apparelillustrated

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