I Spent Six Years Worrying About My Style … So You Don’t Have to Worry About Yours!


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Hi, I’m Vegard, a 32-year-old engineer from Norway.

For years, my terrible wardrobe and clueless style kept me from being respected by my colleagues at work. Even worse, my confidence was non-existent …

… and I had a difficult time meeting people, connecting with beautiful women, and even just living my life.

Then, a simple secret about clothing colours improved my style, literally overnight. It was a total game-changer.

Now, I spend less time and money on clothes than ever, but I dress more confidently than I dared to dream of. Meeting new people has become so easy, and cute girls turn their head when I walk by. That feeling is just awesome!


I’ve always liked fun and adventure. In fact, here’s an image of some friends and me, river rafting in Norway. I’m the guy in the yellow hardhat.

Vegard in a yellow hard hat
The water was only 40 degrees Fahrenheit that day, but as I soon was about to discover, that would be the least of my troubles.

When All Hell Brakes Loose, BRACE and Listen!

Due to my inexperience with rafting, I was uncomfortable, to say the least. I somehow positioned myself on top of the pontoon — instead of inside the raft — when the raft-leader started shouting, ‘BRACE! BRACE! BRACE!’ Just seconds later, we went over a terrifying waterfall.

Having no time to move, I clenched the raft’s brace ropes with white knuckles. As soon as we reached the roughest part of the river, all hell broke loose, and I found myself airborne.

The pontoon I was sitting on acted as a trampoline, tossing me into the air. In the next second, my head was underwater, and I could hear the muffled sound of the devastating waterfall crashing against the rocks. All the while, I was holding on to the raft for dear life with one arm, thinking, ‘This is it.’

But the funny thing is, I managed to keep holding on.

The experienced leader, who had travelled down those streams probably five times a day for the past five years, did what a leader should do: he took charge of the situation.

With his advice and instructions, everyone started working together, doing the right things, in the right order. Within seconds, the raft was out of the rapids and in calmer waters. There, my raft-mates managed to grab hold of my arm — which was still tightly wrapped around the raft’s brace ropes — and pull me on board.

I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t succumbed; I was still in, and I had never felt more alive or readier for another trip downstream.

What You Can Take Away From My Death-Defying Experience

So, why did I share this story with you?

First, we’re no longer strangers, because now you know something about me that I’m both embarrassed about and proud of. Also, this story is one of my favourites; it always gets my heart pumping.

Second, my river-rafting story is a great metaphor for the way many men like me feel about style.

I didn’t have a stylish family, and consequently, I grew up not knowing how to dress at all. My wardrobe was all over the place — just like I was in the raft. My clothing purchases were mainly influenced by advertisers and fashion trends …

… not what actually worked for me. I looked like a train wreck.

Then, after struggling for some time, I found an expert to guide me — much like the raft leader. My adviser shared a simple secret with me about clothing colours that helped me get my look together.

I went from total rookie to confident dresser, almost overnight. I suddenly understood how to paddle in one direction, to get out of the terrifying stream of low confidence, and away from a wardrobe that was doing me more harm than good.

It did require some effort to get my style on track, but the task wasn’t difficult, as long as I followed the clear advice I was given.

Improving my style is the best (and easiest decision I ever made). My social life and confidence have never been better.

And here’s the awesome thing:

You too can achieve the confident, attractive style you’ve always wanted, while making shopping easier than ever. Get your style together and take your life back today: download your free copy of ‘The Confident Style Secret’ now.

3 responses to “I Spent Six Years Worrying About My Style … So You Don’t Have to Worry About Yours!”

  1. Are brown Crocs Kinsale Lace-up’s okay to wear with dark- and medium washed jeans, and khakis?
    Or should I go for the black ones?

    • Hi Dinesh,

      The brown Kinsale Lace-up model would probably look better with thee dark,- and medium washed jeans, and chinos than the black model.

      I would have gone for the brown pair 😉


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